The games  

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7/31/2005 6:33 pm

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The games

It was incredible to attend the largest Highland games in North America yesterday in Maxville Ontario. However the games that were played at the pub that night were even more fun. I'll get to that in a minute. While at the games I was surrounded by at least 3000 others who were dressed in kilts perhaps as many as 4000. I was the only one though was that was dressed in the pre-highland clearances style of great kilt. Essentialy this is a piece of plaid any were from 5 to 9 yards. The one I wore yesterday is only 6. I have never been asked so many times if people could take my photograph. Visitors from China, USA and Mexico were amoung this group.

I find it incredibly interesting that whenever I'm out and about (especially at a pub) the amount of interactions I receive whilst I'm in my kilt. Last night I choose to go out with my great kilt on (breacon feile) for those who are gaelic. Everyone wants to know whether you are dressed below or not. So I've kind of come up with a new rule for those that ask.

Show me what's under yours and I'll show what is under mine. I do beleive that it is surprising at the numbers who agree to such an agreement. May the gods bless the celts. Though I did not live out my fantasy of having sex in a public place while wearring a kilt, the amount of flesh that was shown to me and vice versa sure comes close.

As for the details, well lets just leave that to your imagination.


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