Drunk on a Thursday nite  

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7/14/2005 9:45 pm

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Drunk on a Thursday nite

Tonight I celebrated the first week of my new position (at work) with a friend. I'm hamered!!! I discovered a new drink that I like. Cheep Scotch and pineapple juice... as if you could find cheep scotch.lol

Not that being hammered is bad but I think that tomorrow at work is going to be rough. Oh well, one more day and then I'm off to Meech Lake and the nude beech. I haven't been there since I moved away from Ottawa two years ago and I can't wait to go back. I have my bike rack mounted to the car and come Saturday I'll be strapping my mountain bike to it, crossing the bordr into Quebec up highway 5 to the exit for O'Brien Beech, park and gettin on the bike for the ten minute ride into the sweet little spot in the trees for some nude sun bathin and perhaps stimulating conversation or a game of frisbee.

I've come to see why people are alwas gripping about their 9-5 jobs. Not that I am... in fact this is the first time in my life I've had one... and I'm loving it. The job is OK, but the hours are great.. not working 60-90 hrs a week anymore. I discovered something while I was living up north in Thunder Bay about finacial gains. (I used to work as a manager for an insurance company). You can't take the money with you, and if you spend all your time working, when do you spend time at what is really important? I have discovered that time spent developing personal relationships are way more beneficial. Don't get me wrong... you have to work to pay for your contribution to society and feed your self and stuff. Just that there are far more important things to life as well as work.

I could list many such things.. the first is going to the beach! As a manager I worked every F$%#en day and could never just go to the beach.

Well anyway, I've blabbed enough and have checked on my web site.. www.smocksnfrocks.ca so I now must get back to my scotch and pineapple juice.


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