About Me Post!!!!!  

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7/15/2006 7:56 pm

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About Me Post!!!!!

Well, I guess I need to describe myself here a bit. I graduated with a degree in computer programming and I work for a global company. In fact, we just went to China.

I also own a few hundred acres of land that is my escape from the world. I have my boat which I would love to spend just about every day out on the water. I love to fish as well. I make trips to Canada as often as I can. I am looking forward to a trip to Alaska soon.

I am 6'3" tall and weigh in at 225 pounds. I work out about 4-5 days a week. I play on the web quite a bit. Generally, just trying to find whatever information that I feel I need to know at the time.

I used to mIRC under bodeen on DALnet, but that has died off. I do the Ebay thing a lot, but you ain't getting my username there I do ya hoo as bodeen as well. You can instant message me there, or drop me an email.

I also chat here in three different Indiana groups. Portage, Merrillville, and Jasper County.

I have some pics pending, so they should be up soon.

Post any response you want to this blog, if it is too nasty, I can just delete it


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Where did you go to school at?

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