One size fits all :?  

rm_BobBigGun 50M
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9/5/2006 7:10 pm

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One size fits all :?

I was late. I should have been on the other side of town 10 minutes earlier, so I was striding at a brisk pace through the department store on my way to the parking lot. Still strolling along rather hurriedly, I was passing one of the cosmetic counters that are in the middle of the store when I heard something that froze me in my tracks. The cosmetician, oblivious to me passing by, was deeply focused on her phone conversation. It was at the exact moment that I walked right in front of her that she blurted out to her phone friend, "Size DOES matter!" Well, needless to say, anything that was on my mind before was preempted by that unexpected and rather riveting declaration. Stopping on a dime, I turned wide-eyed and just blankly stared at her. She, looking up to see my dumfounded, unblinking expression, realized what had just happened and instantly turned red with embarrassment. Frantically, she tried to explain her statement. "OMG! No, no! We're buying a present for a friend...we're getting her a handbag...omg I'm so embarrassed."
Making the most of the moment, I threw up my hands as if to say "I don't need to hear it," then covered my ears and made for the exit. She, still reeling from embarrassment, did not deserve what I did next. I shouldn't, but it was a moment I couldn't pass up. After taking several steps, I wheeled around, smiled and said, "Finally, the truth comes out." Taking a few steps back in her direction, I continued while she covered her face with her hands, her knees fairly buckling. "You said what you meant the first time. I didn't know if it was true or not. I'd heard rumors, but no one has ever just flat-out said it to my face. Now we know!"
Having no where to hide, she muttered another "OMG, I'm so's her birthday...we're buying her a bag..."
I shouldn't have done her like that, but it was just too rich.
Which brings me back to the issue at pun intended. How big of an issue is size ladies? I am, as any honest man will tell you, a bit nervous about your truthful answers, but since we're all trying to be in the Big Leagues, there comes a time when a man's gotta go to the plate and swing the stick he's got. Don't be hurtful, just be honest. Thanks.

Blue_eyes_smile 42F

9/5/2006 7:45 pm

, well I say no matter if your hung like a field mouse, or hung like a all depends on how well you use it. I have known guys who were hung like a horse but didn't know what to do with it, and I have had guys that were hung as a field mouse and I had more orgasms than I could count, vis versa! That is my honest opinion, other's may not see it that way, but to each his/her own right? Good Luck

sweetcoffee3 44F

9/5/2006 7:56 pm

sorry to tell u hun that one size does not fit all. some fit better than others. really depends on her size. some women can only stretch but so far. There are some that are good with a row or tug boat. But then there's the lady that needs a larger ship to sail her waters.

silverhawk762 51M/47F

9/5/2006 8:03 pm

I knew it!!! I'm not the only supreme smartass left in the world!!!!

As far as size goes - my other half loves this question, too, by the way - NO, IT DOES NOT MATTER. Seriously. IF (and this is a huge IF) you have a man who knows how to touch, who knows how to take the time to make love instead of just humping away for a few seconds.

I've been with men who were well-endowed who couldn't use what they had without instructions written in words of less than two syllables. I've been with men who were of average endowment who have quite literally rocked my world - and wound up marrying one of them!!!

To women who have had experience with creative lovers, size is not the issue at all - the issue for us becomes "can you make love to me using your entire body, not just your groin?"

It's kind of like the choice between a woman who just lies there like a lump on a pickle and a woman who is willing to tie you down and make you scream her name. The one who just lies there is a slender, petite pixie who looks good on your arm when you go into the bar. The woman who loves to turn you inside out is a full-figured woman who is attractive, but not a knock-out. Which would you prefer? If she's good enough to make you forget that you have a name, much less what it is, does her size truly matter? {=}

florallei 99F

12/6/2006 9:30 am

Hello...firstly I want to thank You for visiting my blog...that was very kind of You.
LOL...this is soooo cute...I read once and thought it fit this topic now...that if a man don't have the right size equipment...he better have a great tongue who can do wonders...LOL...well alright I embelished on this a bit...
As much as women like to tickle a man's ears...I hear from my GF behind closed doors that size does matter along with what he can do with his equipment...
I am petite and Eurasian...but I know over 7.5" would be my limit and even then it gets painful but good pain...hehehe...if he is like a horse...OMG...then I would run...I am only 5'1" would surely kill me, LOL.
I am sure the sales person is laughing still about what You said...thanks for sharing...


rm_BobBigGun 50M
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12/7/2006 8:09 pm

    Quoting kittenkisses24:
    that was hilarious hun. (p.s. you cracked me up over at my blog...i'm sure you know which post i'm referring to)..

    as for size...

    i've been with small average men, and men whose cock were a lot larger (not anaconda's like black men though). its always nice to be stretched and filled up by a big cock...every woman desires to be full, i'm sure she has to. its a glorious feeling...but, the majority of men don't fit into the category, at least the ones i have known. and to tell the truth, i don't think i could take being that full all the time. sometimes it can hurt. most men i have been with have been on the average side, and our sex has been grand, and i have not complained about their size, just basically on how well they used it. i had a smaller guy that really pounded me into oblivion many times, so you can always judge a book by his cover.
I guess we should be judging each other's book UNDER the covers!

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