rm_BlueRoseFbks 37F
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7/24/2006 8:29 pm

I was so horny all day Sunday, I was almost in tears. It didn't help that my friend kept asking me all these sexual question. Then when I asked if I could come see him, he was working . Grrrr.. What's a girl to do? I played with my toys of course of course! So time passed, the day passed, not much happened worth writing about. Then about 11, he called. One thing led to another and come 11:30 I was headed over there. Let's just say he's a lot of fun in bed, and always makes sure that the other person is satisfied. Yeah! So it appears it'll be more then just a one night stand or two night stand with him, score for me . And the fact that he's a nice guy, is pretty awesome. It's all good

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