Night journey #1  

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9/1/2005 1:06 pm

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Night journey #1

Ahhh...the sun went down I may safely walk among all that crowd around here...Seeing them, hearing them, exploring their little worlds. Most of them just sheep, for those like me, for all the rest they don't even imagine to exist. Hiding in little fortresses of little minds, in the chase of money, pleasure, all the joys that a short mortal life can bring. So lost, so alone. Abbandoned the old gods they the gods have left them in return. Sheep...nothing more.
Ahhhhhh....that smell...the smell of desire...wait. There he is, see him? He stands over there in a leather jacket. Young one, handsome one, so full of life. Look at his eyes...see? Just waiting to catch a new doll, a funny. He wants to find a girl dumb enough to go with him to some very obscure or very exclusive place, satisfy him. Not only his body, but his mind as well. So little self confidence, felling so small that he needs someone to prove him how strong and wonderfull he is. Look...if he was a peacock his brush would kill him right away. He is watching...oh yes...but he doesn't know he's beeing watched as well. Not only by me. If you focus you'll feel them. Shhhh...hear? I feel sorry for him...this night is going to be very long for this one, and...propably the last one. But, let's go. What will happen is not of our interest anymore. I showed it to you to make you see. There are many like young peacock the run, for their gods whoever they might be, money or sex, doesn't metter. Living their little lifes being so sure they're gonna have another sunrise...always another day. If they just stopped for a minute each day, take a minute from their preacious time and look around. To see more than the god they chase, more that their eyes can see. But still...all think they're not gonna pass...ahhh...sheep. I'll give you an advice in return for your company this night...remember, you're not the only one who can hide in the shadows...there will come a night with no another sunrise.

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10/7/2005 3:44 am

Life is about the chase for many....

The aesthetic for a few.

and some just watch and analyze.

It's easy to sit back and analyze people according to their actions, but really it's not accurate until you actually know them.

Only then can you really accurately guage your intuition.


"My every move is a calculated step, to bring me closer to embrace an early death." -Tupac Shakur

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