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First Entry

An auspicious occasion, to be sure. The first entry in my first blog, ever. Sure to become one of the most read blogs on this site no doubt, right? Surrrreee.

Anyhow, a breif background. I'm from the west coast, stationed in Colorado, serving in the military. I just got back from a yearlong deployment to Iraq, and I'm horny as hell (you try not being laid for a year!). Got back a little over a week ago.

I just got back from snowboarding today, the snow up at Keystone wasn't all that good really. Very soft by noon, more slush than anything. We only stayed a few hours, my buddy got into a bad accident with a n00b on skis, broke his board. The two of them tumbled all the way off the trail and had to climb back up. Meanwhile, I fell hard enough to see stars and sprained my wrist (of course, my right wrist, damn it all!). The pic is of this cool bike-like thing we saw in the parking lot, a few guys were riding them down the mountain. Couldn't believe someone could ride that, had to take a picture.

Having alcohol again is fantastic, I walked into Class 6 (our tax free alcoholic beverage store, for you non-military types) the other day and almost shed a tear it was so beautiful. Not that I'm an alcoholic, but I do enjoy it. I've actually had 3 beers tonight, probably why I'm writing this instead of jacking off (but I'll do that later). I can tell I'm sexually frustrated, I beat off last night 4 times in a few hours and wasn't even out, just felt like going to sleep. Thats got to be some kind of record.

Anyhow, tomorrow I have some stuff to do with getting back, will write more later.


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