Riau delayed!  

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7/18/2006 4:22 am

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Riau delayed!

Yeap thats the latest news i got this morn....
Aint goin there tomorrow, its rescheduled to Fri morning. So here i am at work

Talked to my partner abt whether i should quit or not... we had a long talk.. we went for a long lunch!!! after all those ramblings during lunch time at subway ..vicky said "after 6 years of working with you, i wouldnt want to change another partner" awwwwwww how sweet!!??? When we got back to the office which was abt 3 mind you, we had these stack of files waiting for us!! LOL.... here we are still in the office just abt done with it!

Vicky/ Victoria Lim - A 32 year old married lady with a 6 year old boy. Tall, slim, straight layered hair, 34-29-34 (i think). A very open minded lady who is always there whenever you are in need of help be it work/ personal/ financial... Luvs beer, hate vodka! luv sex hate doin it in her ass! luvs jeans n micro skirt hate blazers (Which she hafta wear in the office) LOL. Luv lunch hate dinner. Luv her son hate her hubby (For cheating in Thailand).

Vicky - " u ever get laid in this site?"

Me - "nope"

Vicky - "oh ok, have you met any?

Me - "not yet"

Vicky - "y not? no one exciting enuff?"

Me - "alot are but none catches my attetion as much as this particular girl, but nah, i dont have what she wants in a man. Not dick, but something else. LOL"

Vicky - "and what might that be?"

(I scroll thru her blog and i showed her....)

Vicky - "ahhhhhhh.. so thats y.. intimidated?

Me - "definately, i dont have what she wants and besides,look at her aint she hot?"

Vicky - "she definately is, but hey, no harm trying ryte?

I smiled.

Vicky - "anyone know u want her?"

Me - "yeap, but told her to keep it a secret"

Vicky - "Nonsense! if you want something go get it! You wont know if she will respond back, and besides this is AdultFriendFinder, NOT a MARRIAGE AGENCY! Go on, its the sincerity that counts. You are not asking her to be together with you and all of that ryte? Its all abt having sex and having fun.. thats all.... go on now, try...

Me - "hahahahaha, vic its not that easy"

Vicky - "TRY boy! You'll never know!

Me - "im packing up, are you done?

Vicky - "Jesus!!! Fine! shove it aside like you always do.... in 5"

And she wink

All im trying to say is how much i luv this partner of mine, she's such a bitch most of the time and i luv her for that!! she's sending me home! lets see what i hafta go thru in her car! i bet this topic will arise again... LOL.. Tata..

rm_Blinded1969 39M
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7/19/2006 3:25 am

SAS! even if you know, keep it a hush2 but who you guessin? hehee

rm_Blinded1969 39M
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7/19/2006 8:31 am

Girl??? do i look like a girl to you babe? lol......

Whats my take? whats yr take? who do you think it is?

A bottle of " Bordeaux Beausejour Becot 1994 " is yrs to ......

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