ITs greaT To Be HOMe  

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5/14/2006 1:49 am

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ITs greaT To Be HOMe

hey2 people....just got back. its bn awhile.. since i update my blog. isnt it good to be home.
let me share a lil something of what i saw whn i was away.

A friend said "eh.. are we gonna spend the rest of our days here shopping? chill by the beach? eat? no nightlife? no screw? no nothing?" he laughed. As nite came after dinner we decided ok, lets party. As we were partying, a local girl approached me and said "U alone? want to sleep with me, only (certain amt)? 5 of us got hooked up. As i went in my hotel room it got me thinking. (AIDS)(HIV) holy shit! This place is crawling with those things. And so i backed out. (NO I DIDNT FUCKED HER OR DID I KISS HER!!) Before anything happens, i played counsellor. I asked her "why are you doing this?" her ans was "Come fuck take off pants i like you" but i insisted "Why are you doing this?" And she put her bra on "even though i really wanna squeeze thm"LOL.. She sat back and said "my family die in Tsunami. i got little sis. she go school no money" she cried after telling me more stories.. gave her a sum of money and asked her to go home. I SWEAR TO GOD I DID THAT.

its bn 2 years and yes the ruins i saw, the grief in all those people. The hardwork they put up to make the place a beauty again its a very impossible task but thru those determine working faces i saw they sure can make it possible. The grave site we went, the ruined vehicles, the collapsed houses, the burial ground, the ashes, the misery, the pain of losing the one you love.

1)Sri Lanka reports more than 24,000 dead, and at least 10,000 were killed in India.

2)Thailand, more than 4,000 are feared dead
Dozens of deaths are reported in Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Somalia and Tanzania.

3)Many who did survive are struggling to stay alive, and the World Health Organization estimates that five million people are without basic needs
4)Between Meulaboh and Chalang, about 60 miles north, no villages are left.

there's more that i read...

to everyone who lost their love ones.
They have my prayers.... Peace

(hope you like the pic.. its a full moon i took by the beach where it all happens

happyladychat 47F
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5/14/2006 7:15 am

Hats off to you.... for giving money to the gal and ask her off. You did great.

Well... yes... natural disasters... it can strike anytime & anywhere. And after whereby, life still have to go on. That's why I live by my motto... let's live like that's no tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing... and welcome back.

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