Endless nameless!  

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5/26/2006 4:15 am

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Endless nameless!

was sitting at a local gig over the weekend.

a guy said "hey you are that guy from **** right? i said yes. autographed signed.
another girl came up. "can i take a pic with you?" ...
so on and so forth ...

a few bands performing that nite.. a bandmate overheard a guy saying "they are here to steal our limelight! juz because they are everywhere they wanna come here? this is not their gig, what are they doing here?"
i was really hurt and surprise by that statement. i have been supporting local bands since i was 13. after 2 bands performed. we left.

hated band? i asked my drummer... he said "nah, they are just bitter that we make it but not them"

underground or mainstream, i support them all.
we have been struggling to get a label, and management to sign us. we didnt give up. 4 years ago our demo tape was critisized! we sent to a local label, they said "NO WAY! u guys sound amateur! there's no way this can sell"

but we didnt give up. we play underground gigs! we got boo-ed before, we were critisized before alot of negative reviews abt us! BUT we took all that as a challenge to us! we didnt die there!

We worked hard to get to where we are now!
thanks to a kind soul, a man who re-record our CD, the man who taught us alot abt entertainment industry, a man who think we have the potential to make it! There he threw 10 grand for an image overhaul. From cd to poster. from a 100 bucks gear to a 1000 bucks gear. from underground to mainstream. from an individual image to a whole band. from a small crowd as much as 10 to a crowd as much as 20000.

i can go-on abt this angel who helped and guide us. MR ZERO - Thanks for believing! Thanks for everything! We wont let you down!

There's one thing i will always remember abt his advise tho'
"When you are on top, there's envy"
keep that in mind, dont let it get to you.

There, those guys are envious. im never a proud fella who boast and stuff.. but to that guy who said that ..."FUCK YOU! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU? WHO ARE YOU TO TALK TO US LIKE DAT? GO FUCK A BIRD!"

Peace all... Cheers!

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