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5/29/2006 8:12 pm

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A mother id like to fuck is what milf stands for. And if you dont know its one of my lifes goals to fuck one. And not just any milf, im talking bout a fine milf or decent atleast but one i can brag about. Like one of my friends moms used to be a spanish supermodel and she is fine as hell damn no flaws about her, and another one of my friends moms is just fine and has a great ass and what's better is that we've seen some of the thongs she wears. Idk what it is bout wanting a milf but its gotta be every guys fantasy at one point. Mayb cuz of the experince, the maturity, a sexier look sometimes, wanting a older woman who knows. But i know i want a fine for the experince and sexy factor. seeing what she can show me damn my dicks gettin hard thinkin bout it. well im out peace

FUCKnnnnnnnnn60 33M

8/5/2006 7:09 pm

u like to fucknnnnnnnnn60 that is what u say oke hi and thats my name babe or shud i say mam ho wants a cun whit a o in sted of a u fillen me and my fantasy to stick a lot of chicks whit my... u grab it hot b... were ever u like me to stick it zoef i`am cone whit my cun

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