The bad news braves  

rm_BlackMeat18 29M
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4/30/2006 1:07 am
The bad news braves

Damn the atlanta braves lost again last night to the mets. The cant seem to do shit right now. I can barely watch any of their games, especially with players like Adam Laroache and jeff franceour still on the damn field. we need to start making some trades quick or something damn. Anyways in other news snoop dogg got arrested in London. Isnt that sum funny stuff, Snoop Dogg trying to fight the police, who ever Snoop would try to fight these days.Mayb he's just trying to back in the streets shit idk. Amd Reggie Bush didnt go number one. How da fuck does that happen, the best on the field dont get picked first. Probably the best player to come around in 10 yrs doesnt get pick what the fuck, how bout that for a hyperbole. Now he has to go to a lame duck ass franchise, where he will probably get injured and then he has to face Falcons, aint that some shit. Im out
heres the pick

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