Ho's ho's ho's  

rm_BlackMeat18 29M
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5/5/2006 9:11 am
Ho's ho's ho's

Ho's ho's ho's ho's, ho's i do adore, i love it when they put they number on that paper and i see em lata so we fuck right outside the door. Damn do i like some ho's. They got alot of upside and potenial. Because they will usually show up most of the time, they dont complain or bitch, and you can dispose of them quickly. But they do have their downsides, such you dont know who they've been with in the past week or so,they might try to bring too many friends along that you really dont care for, and i hate, i hate when when a ho tries to talk shit or tries to say she not a ho when she is. Because their are all different types of ho's. LIke serial ho's that hook-up constantly with everyone, Long term ho's that date guys for months at a time but fuck all the time, cycle hos that hook alot in a short period of time quick for a while then hookup alot again. Then theirs Long distance ho's my favorite, ho's that hook up on vacation that you never have to talk to again after you leave the beach or wherever. But as much as i love ho's i love good girls to that you just wanna be around and chill with and then girls that are worth dating and getting to know on a higher level.

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