Being in the wrong place  

rm_BlackMeat18 29M
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8/7/2006 6:31 pm
Being in the wrong place

For some reason i seem to be in the wrong place when it comes to sex sometimes. Like on time when i was driving to a party one of my friends started gettin road head in the back seat, and thats happened on more than one occassion i might add. Then another time a friend needed a ride and i come to find on of my friends having sex in the back seat but i didnt give a fuck i still gave my friend a ride while they were fucking. Then when i went to the bathroom one time during a party two girls started to give a stripshow and stopped by the time i got back. then in atlanta one time i was about to hook up with this girl and i left the room and the bitch past out by the time i got back. damn thats a bitch. oh well self see ya lata peace

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