rm_Bimguy2 45M
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4/14/2006 4:19 pm

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9/2/2006 6:50 am


Very boring evening. Ended up at Show World in the arcade. Saw this guy that I've had an eye on for a while, but he never seemed to want to stick around. While today he must have noticed I was checking him out cuz he went into a booth in the corner and kept the door open a crack. I waited a minute and went down. He was waiting for me with cock in hand. I shut the door behind me and locked it. I dropped to my knees as I slipped a dollar in the machine and took him into my mouth. He must have been real horny cuz he lasted about 4 minutes before I felt his cum hit the back of my throat. The videos ended as I was licking the last drop off the tip of his dick. May have to head back next Friday night

maddog1352 47M
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4/21/2006 12:56 pm

nice story .i usually go to monroe ave adult video ,but hey you never know.some guys like a little teaseand some just want to be alone .me for instance would love to have a guy ask me for a little help ....have fun ..

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