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rm_BillS0002 56M
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5/31/2006 3:43 pm
The first page...

Hello all!
I have been reading alot of these pages submitted in here and I enjoyed most of them. I reall enjoy the honesty of them all.
What I would like to get off my chest lately is how is it women are so freeky when it comes to total jerks? They date them, move in with them, give them everything they ask for, and complain the entire time it's going on. I had the oportunity (or so I thought) to get to know a young lady not so long ago. Her current partner, boyfriend, live in, whatever, was going bar hopping with another woman and had the nerve to ask her for money to go with while she worked... She cryed and said she was done with him. I let her do the crying, was supportive, bought her dinner a few nights later. Nothing romantic involved at that point, but I was hopefull. I brought her flowers to work to surprise her, and then I got an eyefull at the dirty look she gave me. She tossed them into the garbage when she thought I had left, but I hung around long enough to get to see her pledge undieing love for her Jerk. He still gets to rome as he sees fit and she gets all flustered, but I'm not as supportive now. I'll let her cry on my shoulder, but nothing else. I would just like to know why?

bipolybabe 54F

5/31/2006 6:55 pm

Hey, Dude, welcome to Blogville, where honesty rules.

Who's the or her? She's giving money but at least she's gettin' some dick (we imagine). What are you gettin' out of the deal? (Besides a wet shoulder.)


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