Vent 2  

rm_Bigboygrunt 34M
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4/13/2006 12:05 pm
Vent 2

I am fire!
I can move mountains with my desire.
Cold like steel, I slice through air.
My rage consumes, The challenge the dare.
A soldier with a will to die,
Knelt in prayer, Blood washed by a tear in my eye.
Hear me roar!
As boulders crumble, To the cry of war.
Enemies conquered by sweat, blood and grime,
Like ghost we move with the fog of time.
Warriors of battle, the pain, the pleasure,
Like vultures, our dead becomes our treasure.
Then all silent...
You hear the clouds move,
The stench of the wind, whats left to prove.
I survived the gates of hell for another return,
Wash away regret as my memories burn.
I claw through my life held captive by fright,
Awaiting orders tomorrow cause I outlived tonight.
Forgive me now as I start to cry,
In this road I seek to the answer why.

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