My Hate My Love  

rm_Bigboygrunt 34M
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6/29/2006 5:28 am
My Hate My Love

Sometimes I wake up pissed at my life
in the things I have done.
I have conquered my enemy,
Felt death leave the barrel of my gun.
This mood I have is always changing,
Like this life and her mysterious ways,
I have seen the peace and love,
yet watched as war creates hate and craze.
This hell in vision as these mountains crumble,
with every step my feet may stumble.
Death from above as the stars start to fall,
the steps of freedom I approach the great hall.
It was my hate that got me this far,
I hated the presence of evil I could see from afar.
The so wanted choice branded my life with a scar.
It was my hate that watched buildings collapes with tears to follow,
The stench of my wrath so hard to swallow.
It was my hate in freedom that brought fear to my eyes,
my hate created life so others could die,
my hate watched tears fall from the sky.
Its my hate that tares me up inside and my hate that wont go away,
these eyes of hate fueled by the words we say.
But it was my love that helped me live this long,
my love for you that made me strong.
My love for you helps me see the truth in the choices I make,
My love for you the terrorist cannot take.
My love for you is the spear in their heart,
Love for my country will finish every war they start.
This hate I have is but so small,
My love for you is what makes me stand tall.
God bless America, the flag and the poeple I defend,
Cause my love for you will never end.
Donald E DeLoach

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