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4/11/2006 4:10 pm

This is my second tour in Iraq.
I have no reasons for why I came back.
The scars I have from my time with war.
Would make any man turn away from more.
When I told my family of my choice of work.
They cried for thought of what nightmares lurk.
So much of me inside just wanted to go.
For what reasons I will never know.
We live this life by the choices we make.
Grow old in memory of our every mistake.
So in my confusion of life I adore.
Forever changing like waves on a shore.
With breaks in moments this time of fate.
The cries of joy consumed by hate.
The sadness of tears my heart beats fast.
One more step could be my last.
This is the life that I choose.
This is the confusion and thoughts I loose.
Donald Eytchie DeLoach

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