To my remarks  

rm_BigRed5707 36M
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3/9/2006 5:00 pm
To my remarks

The other day I stated that I need some pussy bad, and a lady responded by saying," well thats what we're all on this web site for is to get some or to find people that are willing to give us some.". So I'm writing in my blog today because of that statement. The hole reason behind it was to put out to everybody, what I really want from this website is to get laid, nothing more, and what better way to do that than put all on the line and tell everybody what I want or what I need. I'm sorry if other people on this site are not getting fucked every couple min. of the day, and are trying to make something happen for themselves. Maybe that person should take a good look at herself and to see what there really after in life. Because if you don't tell anybody what you want how do they know thats what your looking for?

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