Who is at my door?  

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5/19/2005 3:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who is at my door?

Ok, here I am no cable, no internet, nothing to do!! Well, my phone rings, and hhhhmmmm guess who it is??? Yep, Miss Sexy Lania!! She asked what was I doing, and I told her not a damn thing! She laughed and asked what did I want to be doing? Now that is a good question! The next thing I know there is a knock on my door!! I tell her to hold on and she says ok! But you know who was standing at my door when I opened it? Yep, Miss Sexy Lania! She looked amazing!

She was wearing a sexy black tank giving me a nice peek at her breasts, and a jean skirt!! We greeted each other with a few kisses! I then asked her what the hell was she doing here! She only smiled and told me to call D!! We sat on the couch as I dialed D’s cell phone number! She was playing with my hair while I talked to him, asking him if he had sent Lania to see me! He laughed and asked if she was there? I handed her the phone and she giggled looking at me almost hungrily! I love her eyes, when she is horny, her eyes get wide and bright! Like a kid in the candy store! She then hands me the phone, and begins to caress my breasts as I hear D ask me what was she doing to me! Oh I see what kind of game we are gonna play tonight!! “She is caressing my breasts, hhhhmmmmm. She is biting my nipples.” D then asks “Does it feels good? You want her to eat that wet pussy, don’t you?” Oh my goodness!! “Yesssss, baby, her mouth feels so good! You know I want her to eat my pussy.” I mean, this was so hot!! Here is this beautiful, sexy woman, kissing, and licking all over my body, while my man is talking dirty on the phone in my ear!!
Lania squatted in front of me as I sat on the couch, parting my legs. She kissed all down my thighs, biting a hot spot of mine! I pull her up to me to kiss her lips! (Still managing to hold the phone!!) She has the softest lips! I pulled off her tank and bra, so that I can feast on her breasts! As I sucked on those big nipples she continued to pinch mine!! We decide it would be easier to put D on speakerphone!! D began to tell us different things to do to each other, and oh did we comply!! Lania smacks my ass, as he tells her to smack it again harder! “AAAAAAHHHHH!!!” I bit her nipples as I was instructed to do so by D!! I also placed two fingers into her wet pussy!!! Damn I wanted to taste her!! We were so hot, but D wanted to hear us scream over the phone when we orgasmed!! I pulled out the little toy box, and began to fuck her wet pussy with my favorite pink dildo!! D wanted to hear it going in and out of her wet pussy, so I began to ram it harder and deeper, as she thrusted those sexy ass hips up to it over and over! She was begging to cum, when D told me to stop and suck on her clit!! “OOOOHHHH Yeah!”“ I Placed my face into her sweetness and sucked on her clit hard! I began to trace her hole with my finger as I sucked and licked her clit, and she began bucking and pulling my hair!! D was telling her to cum all over my face, and to tell him when she was cumming!!! I licked faster around her clit and fingered her pussy!!! “Oh shit yes!! Fuck!! I’m fucking cumming all over her fucking face!!!” She came all into my mouth, her pussy throbbing around my fingers!!! D then told me to lay down, so he could hear me scream!! She pulls out my new toy, the big black cock, and licks the head of it! Her lips were so fucking sexy!! She parts my thighs and slides “Little D” into my wet pussy, as she smacks my clit!! I squeeze my tits, as she takes my clit into her mouth!! I hear D tell her to ram that cock into my pussy!! Oh Shit!!!! I feel the balls of “Little D” pounding harder and harder!!! Her mouth was doing a number on my clit as “Little D” was fucking my hole!!!
D knew I was ready to cum. Hearing my voice, and told her to stop!! I was then told to get on all fours and I did!! Lania then lubes up the smaller dildo, and pushes it into my asshole!! OHHHH SHIT!!!! She reaches under to my clit as she moves the dildo faster and faster in my ass!!! “Shit baby!!! I want to cum!!!” I told D. Lania smacks my ass as she pumps my ass!! I begin to play with my clit, on the verge of orgasm, when I hear D tell me to cum with him!! Lania pumps my ass harder as I play with my clit!! “I am cumming baby!!” Holy shit was I cumming!!! I feel my juices squirting all around my hand as I hear D release a sexy moan!! HHHMMMMM! Lania cums to me and we kiss! We then ask D if he was happy, and of course he was!! We talked to him for a while, as we continued to caress each other! He told us good night and to not have too much fun without him!! We sat there naked in the livingroom, laughing and kissing for a little while, before we ventured into the bedroom!!!! Oh what a nite!!!! I will tell you about that later!! Oh yeah, I also gotta tell you about us in the shower!! Oh how I love sex in the shower!!


Lick well!!!


daredevon 52F

5/19/2005 5:28 pm

Thanks luv! God I would love to party with these girls! You have got it together!

rm_xx23x3 44M
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5/22/2005 10:13 am

Damn Lania is there when you need her.I think I am going to volunteer to stand in for D when you and Lania get together and he can't be there.I'm willing to sacrifice my time and any body parts necessary to please.


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