Who in the Hell left the door open?  

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2/20/2006 6:47 am

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3/7/2006 7:01 am

Who in the Hell left the door open?

in case you didn't know, you left the door open.....
see, everytime you ignore my feelings, you leave the door open for that outside listener to give me that comfort that you're too busy to give,
...in case you didn't know you left the door open!

psssst...you left the door open!
Everytime you stay away too long, you leave that door open for that outside lover to try and creep in to spend that needed time with "your" lonely woman...just dishing some infor in case you didn't know you left the door open!

YOU!! Yes!! YOU!! See everytime when you list your priorities, and "your" woman is not the top or atleast near it, you leave that damn door open for a mystery lover to make her feel special, desired, sexy....if you get my meaning. Just trying to help in case you don't recall who left that damn door open.

Yooo-hooo!! It was You, who left the door open. Remember all those times you were out with your buddies all nite long, while youe woman, was alone, crying, in pain...missing YOU! You left the door open for that awaiting hero to "cum" and save the day. Is it becoming a little clearer to you, now? You left the door open.

If you don't want someone creeping around your home, keep that damn door closed, and locked. How?? By giving your woman all the comfort, attention, affection, and loving she wants, and needs. Words are beautiful, but let's leave the greeting cards to HALLMARK! Actions, touches, sensual kisses, are memorable. Keep the loving homefires burning, so strongly, that you never have to ask....

Who in the hell left the door open?


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