When Lady met Lania.........  

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5/3/2005 7:43 pm

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When Lady met Lania.........

Lania was this gorgeous little latina hottie, I had struck up a conversation at a mutual friends’ house. She was 5ft6, with these beautifully round tits, and sexy round ass!! We hit it off right away, exchanging jokes, and flirtations, as the night went on!! She asked me if I always knew I was into women, and I told her no, but always had a special appreciation for a woman’s beauty! She agreed, as she told me how sexy she thought my lips were, and that she loved big tits!! We giggled alittle, the alcohol, easing our resistance to the inevitable! My cellphone rang, and it was D! He and I were in conversation, while she was squeezing my tits! She was surprised when I told him about this certain little sexy latina I had met! She began to squeeze her tits, as I described her to him! He told me to get her number, and for us to have lunch with her!! I hung up the phone saying that I would be home within an hour or two!! Lania , and I continued flirting with each other, exchanging numbers, and kisses for the next hour!! We discussed a threesome which she wanted to happen that nite!! I told her that we needed to get to know each other a little more, because I wanted to be fully sober as I tasted her pussy for the first time! She was making my resistence very difficult, when I told her that I had to go home!! She walked me out as I said my goodbyes to the rest of the horny house, and gave me a powerful kiss before I got into my car!! She made me promise to call her to confirm our lunch date, which I did, and headed my horny ass home to my man!!

I walked into the apartment set to tell D details of the nite (we have no secrets!!) He is awake lying in bed waiting for me!! I get undressed as I give him complete details about this sexy beauty that wanted to come home and fufill our desires and hers TONITE!!! I could see D’s dick getting hard as I described her perfect tits and ass!! I placed his cock into my mouth as he said that he could smell her perfume on me!! He lifted up my head and kissed me, asking me if I had kissed her!! When I told him that I had, he kissed me harder, and damn my pussy was even wetter now!! I told him that I wanted him to fuck me, and he got up telling me to stand up!! YES!! YES!! YES!!! Before he puts his big cock into my pussy though, he licks my pussy, as I wrap ,my hands around my ankles!!! Hmmm, I wonder if Lania would like to eat your pussy like this? He asks me grabbing my ass, then smacking it!!! He rams his big cock into my pussy!!! Damn he felt good!! He pumped my pussy for all it was worth, all the while telling me what he wanted to do to me and Lania!! I wanted to cum all on his dick, he was so fucking sexy, talking dirty to me like this!! AAAHHHH!!!! I cried out as began to ooze all over that dick!! I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth!! I turned to face him, my juices still seeping out of my pussy! I began to suck and stroke that cock of his and lick his balls when he tells me he rather cum on my stomach!! So I laid down as he stood on the side of the bed and began to fuck my mouth!! He was grinding deep into my throat, moaning while I stroked and grabbed his balls!! He was ready to explode as he pulled his dick from my mouth and shot his cum all over my stomach!!!! I rubbed it all over my stomach, back up to my tits!! HHHMMMMM!!!! He laid down beside me while we discussed our upcumming meeting with our little sex diva!! We ended the nite by a round of mutual masturbation talking dirty to each other while we came!!! Me, oh MY!!!! We fell asleep in each other’s arms!! We met with Lania for lunch 2 days later, but that story will be shared with many others at another time!! So stay tuned, people!!
If you think the other stories are hot, wait til you hear about Lania!!!

Fuck well!!


ProFotoFreak 45M

5/3/2005 11:39 pm

Little did she know that she was a part of your sex life before she was a part of your sex life! LOL

Supper-hot! I can't wait until the next installment. I can only imagine what happened over lunch (or under lunch, or around lunch, oh you get the idea)


rm_xx23x3 44M
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5/4/2005 2:46 am

Hot,Hot,Hot!!Can't wait to read more about Lania.I'm wondering how far you and Lania went without D around?I guess I'll just have to stay tuned.

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