Wet Arrival at Gate 69 HEADS to HOTEL!!!  

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5/11/2006 8:37 pm

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Wet Arrival at Gate 69 HEADS to HOTEL!!!

She and her long distant lover made it to her car, and quickly hopped inside!! As she started the car, he placed his hand onto her leg, thank goodness the car was still in drive because his touch on her bare skin stirred her so, she instantly pressed the accelerator. They laughed for a minute before he leaned over to kiss her breaking away as he whispered "Hotel, NOW!" She anxiously exited the parking lot and headed onto the highway.

When she pulled into the hotel she glanced over at the growing bulge in his crotch area, and became wetter. They quickly entered into the hotel, through the lobby past the desk, she already had the key in her purse. Once on the elevator, and the doors closed, she grabbed his bulge, and licked her lips! When they reached their floor she led him by his crotch off the elevator and to their room. Once inside the door she flung her bag and pushed him against the wall. He smiled and lifted her up from the floor as they clung to each other kissing passionately. He carried her to the bed, leaving a trail of clothes along the way. He threw her to the bed as he stood back looking at her half naked body, unbuttoning his pants, watching her wiggle out of her skirt and her thong undies. She looked upon his naked body with awe, it was amazing. Not just his dick, but all of him. His chest was muscular, yet smooth, not too hairy. His cock, was thick, and a very handsome length, she was unconsciously toying with her pussy, as he watched her looking upon his maleness. He slowly lowered himself ontop of her kissing her lips lightly, sliding down to her neck, his dick hard against her thigh. He cupped her breasts in his hands before taking her nipple into his mouth, nibbling it, just enough for her to arch from the bed! She slid her hands up and down his back revelling in its smoothness. He nudged her legs apart, as he allowed the head of his dick to lay outside her pussy. She inched closer, dripping with lust for him to enter her.

In one smooth thrust, he gave her what she wanted and entered her with a powerful hunger that she also felt. A small whimper escaped her lips as he covered them with his own, she gripped his back lifting her legs permitting him to go deeper. He filled her up as he took her legs onto his shoulders, moving slowly, then faster, plunging deeply into her moist pussy!! Well, moist wasn't the word to discribe how wet it was, but who cares it felt wonderful to him. Their bodies moved in sync as if they had known each other forever. He cradled her close as he lifted her from the bed, never breaking the physical bond they had made as he braced her against the wall. She felt as if she was in heaven, feeling the coolness of the wall and the heat of his chest combined with the heat that was between her legs as well as inside of her. She cried out once again clamping her nails into his back once again as he thrusted in and out. She grinded her pussy around that beloved cock, and rode him like she was Annie Oakley reincarnated. No words were spoken, as they clutched each other grinding and thrusting in unison. Her pussy began to throb....she moved faster......he thrusted deeper, feeling his balls tighten........."AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Her juices escaped her pussy dripping down his throbbing cock, as he finally exploded inside of her, feeling his knees wanted to buckle. She shuddered against him as she released another orgasm, as she gazed into those beautiful blue eyes. He carried his exhausted lover to the bed as they both collapsed into each others arms.
He stroked her hair, as she gazed at that beautiful cock, wanting more!! But first a nap, she needed him at full strength for what she had planned!!!!

Would her distant lover, be UP for it???

We shall see won't we? Part 3 anyone??



grib1876 44M

5/12/2006 6:10 am

Who needs a nap?!?

I want more! Where's the next part. Can I cum?


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