Wet Arrival at Gate 69!!!  

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5/5/2006 4:57 pm
Wet Arrival at Gate 69!!!

She waited in the airport for her lover's plane to arrive, watching people hug hello, and good-bye. She checked herself in her compact for the 20th time making sure her lipstick wasn't smudged, her make up flawless, nothing in her teeth. She lotioned her hands again, with the sweet inticing fragranced cream, as she felt her own creaminess beneath her skirt, as she waited for her distant lover. She checked the board to see if his plane was delayed, or if she was at the right gate. She had only talked to her lover over the telephone, or online, but now their fantasies were about to be reality!! Would he live up to her expectations? Would she live up to his expectations? She had seen his dick on cam, and damn she could hardly wait to taste him, and feel his touch. Just as she closed her eyes for a moment, remembering their last conversation, she caught a glimpse of a very familiar face across the way. Those sexy cool blue eyes, and a breath taking smile. He was also holding an unusual object in his hands. It was a sign with the letters S.S.F.O.S.L.L.O.L She knew instantly it was him! She remembered he had told her, that perhaps he should arrive holding a sign saying: SEX SLAVE FOR ONE SEXY LADY LOVE ON LINE!!! "Sam?" she said as he smiled even wider. She smiled as she walked over to him, and he outreached his arms for a long awaited embrace, damn did he smell good!! His arms felt amazing, she didn't want him to let her go. She looked up at him and he kissed her in a way, that made her knees almost buckle beneath her. She pressed her body closer into his, as he kissed her deeper. Oh the things that were running through her head. The things she wanted him to do her, and her to him. He finally released her mouth, as she enhaled deeply, lustfully, gazing into those blue eyes, as he asked; "Ready?" She could barely speak, she was in awe at the sensuous kiss she had just experienced, yet managed to blink out a weak yet breathy "Yes."
They walked hand and hand toying with each others fingers as they headed out of the airport. They passed the restrooms, and her panties got wetter, thinking of him pinning her against a stall entering her with that beautiful cock of his. Could she wait until they reached the hotel?

Can you wait until part 2???


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