We danced...........  

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6/3/2005 6:33 pm

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We danced...........

I inhale deeply and am transported back in time, to that moment when you held me in your arms as we danced. We danced as our bodies grinding against each other in the rhythm of sex, which vibrated through the sway of the saxophone! I imagined that I was the piano, and that you were the greatest musician expertly fingering my keys to bring out a song for the masses to hear, and fall in love! Fall in love with the melodic beat that echoes across the oceans, as that sexy sax climaxed as I gazed into your eyes. I knew that I was home. Your fingers laced between mine as you squeeze my body closer to yours, my hips swaying, my pelvis thrusted against your heated manhood! My God, do I love you. I savor each whisper we exchange as they are the tiny pulse of the cymbals accompanying the drums!! Oooooooh what a song this is! What a melody that no words, none of comprehension, could fully explain, what your body is doing to mine!

I nuzzle into your neck, inhaling again, the smell of sex has overtaken this dank club, and all eyes are on me! Why are they staring? Because of the spotlight that shines from my smile as the music continues to play, pleasing, teasing, uplifting, gifting this amazed, stargazed, crowd! They hear my body humming to this passionate tune that the band is playing, that we are playing, and our bodies are shifting to. I see a woman in the crowd lick her lips, knowing that she would love to taste this hot rhythmic nectar streaming, steaming in between my hips. I see her gaze as I circle my hips only to stop when I hear a rim shot........from the drum. I lie my head upon your chest, my hands exploring, my heart pacing, my mind soaring, my feet pacing, your fingers tracing down my back, and damn does this shit feel good. Could that star crossed woman, want this beautiful musician, who has chained my soul with this melody, creating in me a prisoner. I am a prisoner, a willing one, I confess, for this body wants to hear, taste, smell, and feel this song for all of eternity. I am possessed by the music, by your music, by those expert hands, that cause my body to convulse as the song plays on, and on, and I am in love with that band, those hands, that man!

Oooh, don’t let this song end, unless, it will again, begin, or must I........beg for you to lift these legs high upon those clouds and let me fly. I hear a voice, can it be my own, but those words are so unknown, so passionate, so beautiful, and your smile, gives me the right to sing on. My bandleader is commanding, demanding, my lungs expanding, dear Lord don’t let me faint. I have lost my breath, I have lost my heart, I have bared my soul into this song! Forgive me God, but it feels so good this can’t be wrong!! The sway of the sax, the smell of sex, that sex starved female licking her lips, craving to open these hips, begin to blur, I collapse in a fog, wet with mischief, and bare desire, I cry out as the song ends, and my knees begin to bend, your body sends.............me into flames, I call your name, and you smile, a devilish, grin for you know that shit was so damn good, You hold me close as I whisper as the cymbals play, and my finger traces your chin, my hand glides, heavy breathing subsides, Damn do I love how music makes me feel, I am alive, my body thrives, and it is all because of those hands, that music, that sexy Piano Man!!

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6/4/2005 10:00 am

I think I should have continued those piano lessons.Feel both the style the sentiment and the tempo.Mood sultry but swinging.

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6/4/2005 10:13 pm

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> This time, you raise your self and place me to the lips of your pussy, and meet me. The head of my dick is sliding into you, spreading your lips. I feel your heat, your wetness, Baby, you are so tight. This is so good. Running my fingers through your hair, this feels so wonderful. Pumping my dick into your pussy, I kiss you, matching speed and intensity.
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hi how r u

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