Sensual Snow  

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2/18/2006 8:51 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sensual Snow

HHHMMMMMMM!!!! It's morning, and as usual, I head to the window to see if I can judge what my day is going to be like by the weather! It's snowing!!! Flakes falling slow, and seductively to the ground!! Beautiful!! I feel a hand slip around my waist and up to my left breast..."Good Morning, Babe." HHHMMM..I nuzzle my back against him and squeeze his hand onto my breast! "Good morning yourself, sexy." He turns me around and I look into those oh so sexy eyes, kisses me slow and sensually, as I began to feel like my seductive snowflakes outside. His hands slip the tie to my robe from binding my nakedness, as he begins to caress my body, in a way that I can only express as "claiming" my body for his pleasure. I loooove sex, and I like it rough at times, yet this wasn't rough, more of a manly seduction. I liked it! With the blinds in our livingroom, wide open, he places me facing the window, as he lowered himself to the floor. He was now between the wall and an excellent view of my pussy. He parted my pussy lips, then said "Good Morning" to my clit with his tongue. "Holy Shit!" Here I stand at the window, wathcing this magnificently, sexy snow fall, being eaten out by an expert tongue attached to a very sexy man. As I gazed at the snow, my pussy was being licked, kissed, sucked, begging for an orgasm........"You can't cum, until the snow stops!" he says. "Bullshit!" was my breathy reply. Right at that moment, as he kept two fingers gliding in and out of my pussy, while licking my clit, I could feel me ready to explode! Right at the peak, he stops! "You dirty bastard!" I yell at him. He smiles and says "Well, who is dirty, you were gonna cum. I don't believe the snowing stopped yet has it?"

I decide that it is my turn to play dirty, as I sink to the floor, I tell him to stand up! Now, I am faced with a beautifully thick, black dick. I lick from the shaft, to the head. HHHHHMMMM! Black Coffee!!! I began to tick circles around the head, as I slowly take the head into my mouth! I feel it grow even more!! I suck only the head, as I stroke his balls. I quickly take it all into my mouth, as he places his hands on the wall to brace himself!! I slowly pull back, licking around it, as if I were a kid, with a Tootsie Pop! I, grab hold to his dick with my right hand,as I stroke it, sucking his balls. Taking one into my mouth, then the other, then both. "AAAAAAHHHHHRRRGG!!" I hear as I engulf his dick into my mouth again, grabbing his balls. "NO, NO, NO. You can't cum until the snow stops." I tell him. He pulls me up and puts my back against the wall. He tugs at my nipples as he kisses my neck. His dick pressed against my body. His hands carressing, massaging my body, driving me insane. He places my breast into his mouth, biting my nipple, in such a way, that I thought I was gonna cum right then. He pulls me to the floor. "Fuck, me baby." I tell him. He says nothing, only grins. He then begins to kiss my ankles, as his hands run down my leg to the inside of my thigh, as a makeshift feather tickler. I could feel my juices begin to seep out of my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me right then and there. "Please, fuck me." Again, silence. I began to play with my pussy, as he continued to kiss and caress my legs and thighs......Dear God did that feel amazing. Right at the moment, when I am finally, gonna cum, he pushes my hand away. "This is inhumane torture." Another grin, but this time, he moves between my legs, places his rock hard dick, at my pussy.........slowly, he enters.

He begins slow, as I arch my hips, enticing him deeper. His thick cock, sliding in and out, with deep hard thrusts, then teasingly slow ones, was creating a monster in me. As he places my feet on his shoulders, he grinds his dick into my sopping wet pussy, slowly....gradually his strokes speed up. "Yes!" He bends me further as he now squats atop my pussy........."Yes! YES!" I scream. He pounds my pussy, as I began to almost convulse, with the fierceness of my orgasm!!! He continues to pound harder, deeper, as I begin to climax again....Juices streaming, squirting every where, it was so strong. "Yeah, baby, cum on this dick." Just when I though he couldn't go any deeper, he proves me wrong!! As he is about to cum, he plunges further into my depths that sends me over into another wave!! We come together, in a fantasticly rhythmic ending, with our bodies pounding, grinding against each other.....finally collapsing, melting, into each other, just as snowflakes meld together when the hit the ground. I love a snowy day!!! Oh yeah, the snow hasn't stopped yet....guess I have to go try to hold on again!!!

(Thanks for all the "Welcum Backs!!")



rm_xx23x3 44M
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2/18/2006 2:17 pm

Let It snow! Let It snow! Let It snow!

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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2/19/2006 6:10 am

I love when it snows! I like rainstorms too.

Purry {=}


need_4more2 44M

2/20/2006 5:28 am

I like snowbunnies best of all!

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