Sensual Seduction,,,,,,  

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4/25/2005 4:26 am

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Sensual Seduction,,,,,,

I was tired! Rather sleepy! But I felt BigD's hands fondling my breasts! I scooted closer to him, his chest was warm against my back! He began to whisper in my ear, "Do you know how beautiful you are when you are asleep?" I told him of course not, but why not show me how beautiful he thought I was! He began to kiss the back of my neck, moving down my back, tracing my spine with his tongue! (He knows that is a sweet spot of mine!!) He reached around and grabbed my breasts, pinching my nipples!! His hands are working hands, and when he touches me I get so wet! He bit my shoulder, and it felt so good I thought I would cum right then and there! He told me to lie on my back which of course I did! He then reached under the pillow and pulled out the black scarves and I knew that I was in for a treat!! He began to tie me up kissing my arms and hands as he secured me to the bed! Then he kissed down my body to my thighs, slipping a finger into my wet pussy, then licked his finger, and continued kissing my legs, each one slowly as he then spread them wide and tied them to the bed as well! I was beyond aroused by now!
He then showed me one final thing......a blindfold!! He covered my eyes and now the fun really begins!!
He kissed and licked, then sucked and nibbled my breasts! Then he told me to open my mouth, he shoved his big cock into my mouth and I began to suck his yummy cock with all of my might!! He was saying a few expletives, as he fucked my mouth and pinched my nipples! He then removed his cock from my mouth, amongst my protests, and proceeded to finger my pussy! Right when I was about to cum, he stops and places his face right into my pussy and began to suck my clit! Oh Shit!! He tonguefucked me and ate my pussy til I came 3 times! Now here I am spread eagle on the bed, tied up, pussy sopping wet, begging for him to fuck me, when I hear a light buzzing sound! I then feel him slip my big vibrator into my pussy! He was playing with my clit with one hand, and ramming that huge dildo in my hole! I was cumming over and over!!! I was loud in my calling, begging for him to put that hot dick into my pussy, when he finally obliged!! He untied my legs, and swung them onto his shoulders and plunged deep into my pussy!! My God he felt so good! He fucked me so good and so hard!! I told him everytime I was cumming, and he loved it, telling me to cum all over his dick!! I told him I wanted him to cum on my tits!! He told me not this time that he waneted to cum deep inside my pussy!! Shit yeah, baby, get all in that pussy! I told him, and at that moment he gave me a huge thrust, that sent me into orgasm overload and he was cumming with me!!
He kissed me as he lay ontop of me, smelling and tasting like sex!!! He untied me and told me I was the most amazing woman, he ever had!!

Whew!! I am truly tired! Big D left for work this morning and will return on Thursday!! I miss him already just thinking about what we did last nite!!! Amazing!!! Absolutely amazing!!


MrHockey1969 47M

4/25/2005 7:32 am

God I love it when a lady tell a great sex story. I want to cum all over you... Thank u...

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