Selfishness VS. Selflessness? AAWWW FUCK!!!!  

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5/2/2006 12:49 pm

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Selfishness VS. Selflessness? AAWWW FUCK!!!!

She looks at him with anger. She's angry at him for the time she has wasted on him and this so called "relationship" ! She deserves more from him, yet he is so unwilling to sacrifice the way she has for him and their "love" ! How is it so fucking easy for him to make up excuses why he didn't go look for a job today, yesterday, last week, and say so easily, why he can't go tomorrow! She feels her stomach tighten because in her heart, she loves him, but needs so much more than he is willing to put forth the effort to give. Does he even love her? If he does, why doesn't he give her what she wants, what she deserves, hell, what she NEEDS!! The days have gone by, and her love for him has grown, yet so has she, as well as her needs. She needs him to do better!! She needs him to make her feel better. She listens to him whine about not having a job, "HELLOOOOO?????" Does he think she has not noticed him sitting on the couch everday, when she returns from HER JOB? She loves the lazy bum, but he has more excuses than a parolee found by the police with a pocket full of stolen wallets!! She is angry at how he allows people to hold him back, while she is left to pick up the pieces. She is angry at him for kicking and screaming at doors instead of kicking them down to make her more secure? She loves being with him, well, she does, however she wishes he would just "do" more. If not for her, for himself. She looks at herself in the mirror as she thinks of the happier times they have shared; she can see her eyes twinkle a bit thinking of how he use to hold her close as they shared secrets, hopes and dreams. But her eyes seem less bright as she thinks of the man that is just in the other room. She is angry at him for the love she feels for him, when he does next to nothing to prove how he feels for her. She has weathered storm after storm for him, with him, about him!! Damn him, why did she love him so much? It isn't like he gives her any money, or smother her with kisses!! It isn't like he actually has a job!!! Why did she love him? Why wouldn't he put forth a bigger effort? Why didn't he just stop making excuses, and get off his ass and take care of his woman??? Why in the hell is it so fucking easy for him to constantly take from her? Why?? What does he give her? She continued to stare into the mirror wondering what was wrong with her, why he wouldn't change!!!

*What do you think? Who is being selfish here? Is she staying because she loves him, or what?
Someone sent this to me as well as about 30 people, now you tell me, who is selfish in this situation? Is anyone being selfish? What would you do, if you were in this situation? *


grib1876 44M

5/3/2006 8:34 am

Interesting topic that could take any number of turns. Honestly, I couldn't answer that. Taking a stab, though, it seems to me both are selfish. But there are too many things to consider on either side of the fence.

Call me clueless. It won't be the first time.


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