Oh My God, what a night!!!  

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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5/29/2005 1:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Oh My God, what a night!!!

Well people, I am one exhausted woman! Yep, I said it!! I am exhausted!! D and I had an amazing time, beginning with a little tease before leaving for dinner. I pranced past D wearing his favorite fragrance and asked him to hook my necklace, and oh my he kissed the back of my neck, asking if I was sure that I wanted to go out!! I backed into him, feeling his cock hardening, and told him yes!! I gave his cock a nice squeeze, as I reached for my purse, and started for the door!! He was right behind me!!

Now the game really begins in the car! He is not allowed to touch me no matter what I did!! As soon as we pulled out of our parkinglot, I unzipped his pants as I began to stroke his cock! He gave me a sly grin, still asking if I wanted to go to dinner. "But of course I want to go to dinner, I am starved." I then slipped his hard cock snuggly back into his pants, giving it a loving pat, and began talking about various, non sexual things!! I knew he was going crazy, as I kept smoothing out my dress, asking him if he could see through it, little nit pick things that would make him stare harder, for he knew it was too late to go back to change!!

We arrived at dinner, and laughed and played little games with each other under the table! We sipped on various mixed drinks, well I did more than he!(He was driving!) I even ordered dessert!! It was amazing!! It was this devine blueberry cheesecake, it melted in my mouth!! It was like "butta"!! Back in the parking lot, after D opened my door and went to his side, I hiked up my dress, and reclined the seat!! He smiled, asking what was I up to,but I told him to slip his finger inside for a minute!! He did, and damn was I wet!! I pulled his fingers deeper inside of me, and reached for his cock, caressing it for a moment!! I looked deep into his eyes, "Get me to our spot before I make myself cum?" He sat up straight cranked the car, and told me that I better not cum until we arrive at our little outdoor love nest, and scooted out of the parking lot!!

As he drove I teased and played with my clit, fingering myself, begging him to hurry to our destination, because I wanted to cum so badly. At a stop light he plunged two fingers inside of me, daring me to cum on them, oh my GOD who is in charge of this game??? I had to push his fingers out to keep from cumming!! Almost there, yes!!!! Making the turn to our lover's lane I unzipped his pants and plunged that hard dick deep into my mouth!! Damn!! After he put the car in park, he reclined the seat back and allowed me to have control over his throbbing cock!! I teased him only sucking the head my mouth tight as I could get it, he could barely stand it!! He kept trying to force my head down to take him deeper, but I kept resisting!! I then released the head to give his balls some love and attention!! HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMing all around them! Licking and sucking them, while he was panting for me to suck his dick!! I then pulled away, and got out of the car!! I pulled the dress up and sat on the side of the hood!! He came around to me and slipped that hard dick inside my wet pussy, and man did he talk shit!!

"You know this my pussy, don't you?"he asked ramming deep inside. "Shit yeah, it's yours! If you keep fucking me like this, I am gonna cum all over that dick."I was almost out of breath he was fucking me so good!! I had a hold to his neck as he thrusted my hips up and plunged further into me!! "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck me, dammit." I told him. I knew this orgasm was gonna be intense, and holy shit, I squirted so hard and flowed for so long as he pounded my pussy!! I looked into his sexy eyes, and told him I wanted to stand up, and he take me from behind, but can you believe it he said no!! He scooted me closer to the edge, and lifted my legs high on his fucking shoulders, and I went into orgasmic oblivion!! He was grinding into my pussy, and shit; getting dicked never felt so good!! I was calling his name, along with a few expletives, cumming over and over!! We could see lights passing our little hideaway, but really, who gives a fuck!! We were fucking!! "You my slut. Take this dick. Give me that pussy. Shit yeah, baby that pussy know this her dick!" What??? You damn right I know!! "Yeah baby, fuck me!! You my mandingo, motherfucker!!" Yep I said it, and was loving every minute of it!! Right after another orgasmic explosion, he let out a yeaaaaaahhhhhh and shot his cum all over my dress!! Shit!! I took my fingers and licked it up, as best I could, leaving trace wet spots, but could care less!! My pussy was still dripping as we got back into the car after kissing for a while, and headed home!! I showered and of course put on my lovely pink nightie I told you guys about!! When he returned from the shower, his dick already hard, remembering what we had done earlier, and knowing what else we were about to do!!

HHHMMMM, what else did we do? C'mon guys you should know me by now, you know what we did, and didn't even got to sleep until after 6 this morning!!! My mind and my body is still reeling from the ecstasy!! Pure ecstasy!!! Well, I need another nap, don't forget to vote people!!!

Kisses and Licks in all the right places!!
*wrong ones too*


HoTbitch6905 48F
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5/29/2005 7:30 pm

Gurl, I thought this was definitely HOotttT!!! I really enjoyed it..I luv DIRTY TALK during a fuck session.. it's very erotic 2 me..Can never get enuff.. luv it when my babee talks nasty& durty 2 me.. want a frnkn turn-on... My Babee says that u have a NICE BODY & I must say that I agree.. U go GurL....

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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5/29/2005 7:46 pm

that is not me in the pic, but she is definately sexy!!!


bella_ 47F
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5/29/2005 8:38 pm

ohhh, I want to be you...instead if i want something new to write about tomorrow I need to speak of my sore wrist...I know, some dickaholic...maybe I am going to turn to alcohol!


5/30/2005 11:06 am

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm no wonder you were tired and got no sleep,,, you go girl. catch ya in the room.

Jerosd 47M

5/30/2005 2:06 pm

k...now that got my attention....lol.

and nooooooooooooo..bella....no alcohol....lol

rm_xx23x3 44M
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5/30/2005 3:41 pm

After reading this i'm exhausted.Hot stuff!!!!


ProFotoFreak 45M

6/3/2005 3:42 pm

Lady, I've said it before and I'll say it again: Big D is one of the luckiest guys on the planet

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6/4/2005 3:16 am

well you are the best sexygirls in the blogs

seltzypop13 43M

6/5/2005 3:02 pm

As he stands behind her looking at her naked body, she makes contact with
his eyes in the mirror. He pushes her over the bathroom counter, spreads
her thighs and takes his finger just inside her two swollen lips. He inserts
his finger in more and more parting her with each thrust. Her pussy is so
hot and wet. She begins to moan with lust and passion as he begins to swirl
his finger around in her juices. His cock was so hard awaiting to be inside
her. She can feel his hardness against her ass. She begins to rub his shaft
in eagerness and undresses him. Fully undressed he bends her over the
counter again. Looking in the mirror she is so turned on from seeing him
behind her. She rubs her clit and swollen pussy while grabbing his shaft
with her free hand. He places his hand over hers. In rhythm they massage her
swollen pussy with the the head oh his swollen cock, inserting the the head
in and out, all around. His head is wet with her juices. He slaps his cock a
few times across her ass.She can't take it anymore and asks him to be inside
her. he takes his hand away giving her full control of his cock. She
positions the head into her wet lips and he penetrates deeply into her. She
can feel every inch of his hardness inside her. Her lips are tight around
his shaft gripping his every move. He knows she wants it harder but he
teases her by going in and out of her, each time allowing his head to come
out of her just enough for her to long more before entering her again. He
spreads her cheeks allowing him to enter her deeper and harder. She screams
out, "FUCK ME!". He begins to fuck her harder and faster. She is so wet, he
is so hard. Sweating and dripping they embrace eachother as they are joined
at the hip. She is about to cum and so is he. He rubs her clit to bring her
orgasm on. She grabs the coutertop with her hands and thrusts back into him
wanting to feel him cum inside her. He's like a volcano waiting to errupt in
her pussy. She is so tight and feels sooo good.....

eggy58 58M

6/8/2005 1:26 am

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, U are so hot. D is so lucky....

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