Naked questions..........  

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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6/5/2005 9:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Naked questions..........

Ok, guys, I am ready for your questions!! I have seen some post asking for your questions, and some suggestions on perhaps making it so that the questions can be answered in a yes or no fashion, but I am not concerned about how you ask your questions, just that you ask!!
So, just as my fellow blogger bella , I will leave this post alone for a couple of days, allowing enough time for people to post their questions!! I am fully prepared to answer, but are you prepared to hear my answers???

There are no rules for the questions, not even a limit to how many you ask!! So here we go, are you ready????


playfulwithyou33 56F
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6/5/2005 5:01 pm

what is the most wicked thing you're done sexually?

ProFotoFreak 45M

6/5/2005 9:09 pm

How does a typical Day-in-the-life of Lady go? Just curious how you live your life. I know that it's different half of the week, because of BigD's job. Maybe you could tell us about both types.

As always, LUV YA!!!

wyvernrose 38F
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6/5/2005 9:11 pm

Do you find that playing outside of your relationship brings your focus onto the emotional state of your partner......and encourages you both to pay more attention to it not just while playing but throughout your relationship?


renardcoi9 67M
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6/5/2005 10:23 pm

Did you ever had the chance to give a sex show, anywhere any how?
If so, then when, where and how?

bella_ 47F
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6/6/2005 12:06 am

Was swinging something that you and your partner have done from day 1 or did your relationship progress into this?

rm_notsoold65 51M

6/6/2005 1:57 am

would you tell about the first time you and yourpartner swung

rm_berghyll69 33M
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6/6/2005 4:44 am

how did u start swinging

papyrina 51F
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6/6/2005 12:12 pm

some interesting questions
ok for me,mmmmmm

How old were you when you relised you were a sexual being?
How old when you when you lost your virginity and if young ,would you have prefered to wait.

And a silly one,what you cooking tomorrow for dinner

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_EE407 41F
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6/6/2005 1:59 pm

mmm... will NOT ask a swinging question either...
I'm curious what brings u closest to your partner. What do you do when you want to be together in a non-sexual kind of way (if ever that is.. lol)?

keithcancook 60M
17718 posts
6/6/2005 2:25 pm

What was the most embarassing thing that happened to you in high school?

AmberSolaire 42M

6/6/2005 5:36 pm

How closely do you monitor your partners blog? be honest as too how many checks a day,hour,minute...........
Who do you feel closest too on FF?

and same question I asked Bella.Which is yor favourite blog entry you have read and why?

Thank you.I await your replies with trepidation.


6/6/2005 7:42 pm

When did you realize that you really loved D I mean love not lust.

This was not my original question, but I did ask one not to let you down


GleesFlakyShawl 50M
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6/6/2005 9:35 pm

which place in the world ud like to live in?
whats ur favorite colour?

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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6/7/2005 12:23 am

ok this question and answer section is now closed!!!!

Thank you for your questions!!

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6/11/2005 3:31 am


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