Lania came to town!!  

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5/16/2005 4:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lania came to town!!

That is right people!! My Lania, came to town, and ooooooh my!!! She called last nite after D and I got back from dinner, and she stopped by for a little while!!! When she came in, damn she looked good!! She was wearing a hot pink v-neck shirt showing her clevage, and a tight pair of jean capris showing off her ass!! She knew what she was doing, and oh was she doing it!!

We sat and talked, joking and catching up on a few things! First question; "So what's up with you and your boyfriend?" I asked. "Well, I told him that I was cumming to see you, and that I would be back 2morrow!" she smiled in that oh so sexy way, licking her lips!! I looked at D and asked her, "So, where are you staying tonite?"
She touched my leg and said that she had missed us, and wanted to stay with us 2nite! HHHHMMMMM!! I never really could say no to her, and she reached her hand out to D, and taking mine, kissing both of them together!!

We kissed back and forth, D kissing me, then her, then her and myself kissing!! Fabulous!! It was like we had never been apart!! We looked at each other and told D to get the mattress! But guess what? D wasn't in there, he had already gone to the closet to get the mattress for our reunion encounter!!! Whe he returned wetried our best to devour his dick with our mouths!!
She was so fucking hot!! She was sucking D's dick saying how she missed sucking it with me! My pussy was so fucking wet! I began to play with her clit as she sucked D's hard dick! Damn had I missed hearing her moan! I went back to D's dick and took him whole into my mouth! She began sucking my tits, hhhmmmm! I was moaning all over D's dick when he told me to lie down and let Lania eat my pussy!! "HHHHMMM, hell yeah!!" I laid back and Lania laid ontop of me with her beautiful, she felt so good! She slid down my body and parted my legs! She teased me by biting my thighs, grabbing them hard, then kissing them!! D showed her my new toy, she took it licking it as she played with my clit! She then turns it on, and shoves it into my wet pussy!! This girl is aqesome!!! D brought his dick to my mouth, as she fucked me with that black vibrator!! She then started smacking on my clit as she left "little D" inside me vibrating his big balls off!!! Shit!! Next thing, she sucks my clit, nibbliing it, licking it, sending me to the point of no return!!!

I begged D to fuck me, as Lania sat on my face!!! HMMMMMMM! Oh yeah!!! I am so horny thinking about it, I have got to end part one here!! You guys know that when Lania is involved it is gonna be a long story!!!

I promise, we will continue!! I have got to go release some more juices........damn have I missed that woman!!!!



rm_xx23x3 44M
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5/17/2005 8:19 am

Been waiting for more of your adventures with Lania.Get that next part up fast.I am not a patient man.


rm_Lets_rock4 36M

5/17/2005 1:19 pm

I'm new in town and never heard of you but did I loved to read you!?
You sure know how to enjoy your time. Keep on...this was deafnetly a joyfull reading.
I hate to ask for more on something already good, but know that if you would dedicate more time on writing all of us would enjoy it more. Add more details and be sure your extra time will compensate.

rm_suzieq47 56F
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5/17/2005 11:24 pm

you tell a good fucking story.. keep it up....mmmm Love that Black cock too...

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