Lania, Oh Lania, Ohoooooohhhhh!!!!  

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6/9/2005 2:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Lania, Oh Lania, Ohoooooohhhhh!!!!

Lania and I decided to take a shower to get refreshed for BigD, while he reenergized for us, but also decided that it would be a great way for us to explore each other a little more. The hotel room had an amazing bathroom and the shower will forever hold fond memories! We kissed and fondled each other before getting into the shower. When we finally get into the shower when I remembered that I had left the shower gel in my bag beside the T.V., well, Lania had forgotten something in her purse, and wanted to go get it, therefore she would retrieve the shower gel! She scurries off and comes back in a flash, and hands me the shower gel. She then pulls this magnificent midnight blue gel dildo out of her purse, and licks it saying that she bought it just for me!!! HHHMMMMMMM!! I laughed, then retreated back behind the curtain, giggling like a school girl, as she enters the shower again I meet her with a kiss, as she began tracing down my spine with that lovely midnight colored friend.

She then begins to trace around my breasts, teasing my nipples, nibbling as she knelt down parting my pussy with her tongue. I lifted my leg to allow her mouth and anything else she desired full access to my pussy!! She looked into my eyes before taking my clit into her mouth to say that she had so many things planned for me; I replied with two words: “Show me.” With that she took my clit into her mouth as she inched in midnight and damn can she eat pussy!! In between closing my eyes fully enjoying what her mouth was doing to my pussy, I would look at this beautiful woman pleasing me oh so well!! She began to tease my ass hole as I began to cum, sending me into a complete wave of joy!! “Fuck.” She rammed her finger all the way into my ass as she sucked on my clit hard, and I began another ascent into another realm!! I flooded all over her hand as I sank into the tub to come face to face with this spicy sex driven woman! She continued to pump midnight in and out of my hole while our tongues intertwined, and I came again, moaning into her mouth, as I felt her smile! After a few moments of caressing, we stood up and washed each other’s bodies, slowly, and oh I mean slowly. Refreshed, yet still horny as hell, we exited the shower and returned to the bed, beside a fast asleep BigD!! I told her to lie down, so that I could lotion her beautiful body!

I poured the sweet lotion into my hands and began to rub it all over her breast, massaging them gently! I began to kiss and lick her nipples, as she stroked D’s dick!! I began to massage the lotion over her stomach and sides, down to her thighs, watching her grip D’s dick tighter as he began to stir! I parted her legs, teasing her pussy with my finger, when I hear D’s voice: “Shit!” She and I began to laugh, as I tell him to wake up because we wanted more!! Lania turned and scooted down so that she could take D’s fully awakened and oh so HARD dick into her mouth!!! “HHMM, well let’s go then.” was his only reply as he began to play with Lania’s hair. I opened Lania’s legs to gain full view, and oh what a view it was! I sucked on her clit, as I slipped our little friend from the shower into her slowly. HHHMMMMMMMM, damn, what a night we had!!!! Oh you know I am gonna stop here for now, but I will tell you more, I promise!!


bella_ 47F
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6/9/2005 6:58 pm

I love this post! So sexy!!

rm_xx23x3 44M
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6/11/2005 1:06 am

Damn!!BigD has all the luck.


mandingoXXX31 43M
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6/13/2005 10:37 am

Haaa!!, Yeah, luck!! I for damn sure was lucky!! But so were they!! In many way, repeatedly!! Haaaa!!


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