Grandma's Marigolds!!!!!  

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5/27/2006 10:39 am

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Grandma's Marigolds!!!!!

I was lying in bed last night and my mind was transported back to the days of my childhood. I remember getting off the plane from Germany with my mother and my brother into the arms of my Grandma. My parents had divorced so we were back home in Virginia. I remember following my grandmother around the house talking with her as she cleaned house, or while she cooked. I can still hear her singing hymns as she swept off our front porch, as I sung along. I loved this amazing woman. She was a solid woman, with smoothly aged skin, beautifully dark eyes, and a smile that sent reassurance to even the lowest spirit. My grandmother loved to garden, and whenever she went to plant or weed, I was right there beside her.

Once we were planting marigolds in the front yard and a lizard ran up her arm, I backed away scarred to death, screaming, as she merely brushed off her not missing a beat as she flung a rock out of the bed. She didn't even look up as she said if you let a little thing like a lizard scare you away from something you want or need to do, you will never do anything. At the time it hurt my feelings, but made me want to be around her even more. I took my place back beside her and we finished planting our beautiful marigolds as well as some other flowers. My grandma and I were inseparable. If she said "yard" I was there!!! Oh how sweet she was, that year when our tulips didn't do so well, and only produced one lonely tulip, that I oh so proudly picked and presented it to her. (Hey I was on 6 years old!!)
My grandma was very old fashioned. I don't even know if that is the correct word. But she was the awesome African American Woman, that sits on the porch snapping string beans, and shucking corn singing all the while. I loved living there. I could talk to her about anything, so I guess she wasn't really all that old fashioned. But she chopped her own wood for the wood stove in the kitchen. Baked her own bread, and made the best yeast rolls you could ever put into your mouth.

When I was about to turn 13 she had a stroke. It left her paralyzed on her left side, and her speech was ravaged. After months in the hospital and in rehab, this woman was no longer recognizable to me. My heart ached for the woman I had planted flowers with, watched bake bread and cakes. My life took an awful turn after her stroke. I no longer felt special. Her expressions were the same for all now, no little treats being slipped to me, no longer did we share our private jokes, no longer did I have someone to tell my secrets to. This strong beautiful woman, was now a sad version of her former self. But one day as I was sitting in her room with her, brushing her hair, as she use to brush mine I began to hum a hymn, when I hear another voice humming along with me. A voice so sweet and familiar, and I begin to sing, as the voice continues to chime in along the way. My grandmother couldn't form sentences to express how she felt or have a general conversation, yet my Grandmother was singing with me word for word. I felt the tears roll down my face, as I finally had found a piece of the woman, I thought was long gone.

We sung many hymns that day, as well as on many other days. I loved this woman, and still do to this day. She was REMARKABLE!!! She held on for 7 years after her stroke, when she was struck by another and lye in a coma for 2 weeks when a final stroke swept her away. I sung that unforgettable hymn for her at her funeral. I miss her......Deeply. I wish my kids could have met her. She was a truly wonderful and loving woman.



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5/27/2006 11:57 am

what a beautiful tribute to an xtraordinary lady....

thx 4 sharing

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5/27/2006 12:57 pm

One more thing.......The day my grandmother passed was 20 years to the day that my grandfather her husband had passed away. That night my mother says she felt as if someone sat on her bed for a moment, but she didn't turn over to see who or what it was......when it felt as if the presence got off of the bed her phone rang to inform her of my grandmother's passing. We like to say that the man that loved her so, came to take her to heaven with him, that she had been away from him long enough.

Elijah and Lucille Moon
joined on earth in life.....bound by a heavenly love in death.


Thnx GOTD!!! She truly was amazing!!


5/28/2006 6:41 pm

She sounds ageless and she left some of her in you for your children and us to meet. Thanks {=}

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