Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!!!  

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4/4/2005 8:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!!!!

Well guys I am tired!!! D left going out of town for his job this morning so last nite we had a marathon of fucking!!

We had talked to this amazing female in the chat room and on the phone earlier and the anticipation of meeting made me horny as hell!!! D and I talked about what else we wanted to know about her and what we wanted to do with her stirring my pussy into a frenzy!! This new person combined with D being gone for 4 days made me just want to attack him!! I sat on D's lap facing him and we began kissing and oh how I love his hands on my back!! I told D that I wanted to suck his dick and he asked what was stopping me? I got up and helped him unzip his pants and up pops the throbbing hard black dick and oh shit it tasted good! I was sucking and stroking his dick as he played with my pussy!! I was dripping all over the fucking couch I was so wet and horny!! I just couldn't stand it anymore and sat on D's dick and I began to ride him like I was riding a bronco bull!! D was smacking and grabbing my ass while sucking on my tities and damn his dick felt so good!! He thrusted up meeting me in my bucking which sent me over the edge....Gush alert!!! I came all over his dick and I was shuddering it was soooo amazing! He told me to stand up and I happily obliged and shit shit shit he grabbed my ass and pummeled his dick into my pussy and began talking to me!! He told me to imagine our sexy female sucking my tits as he fucked me like this;I was pinching my nipples wishing it was her mouth on them and ooooh it felt good!! I told him I was cumming and he pounded harder and harder and just as I was cumming all over his dick he pulled out,I could hear my cum hitting the floor!! I begged him to put it back in, he told me to suck it;I did! I licked his balls and caressed his thigh and when he moaned my pussy throbbed!! He told me to go into the bedroom and lay on my back. When he got on top of me and pushed into my pussy I came again! He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and folded me up like a rag doll and he pumped in and out hard and fast!! I was soaking the bed and D's dick as if it was pouring rain on them!! He asked me if I liked and I told him that I loved and never wanted to stop!! He rammed into me harder!! I had lost count of the number of orgasms D had given me thus far but the last one was by far the most amazing of them all!! As this amazing orgasm began he told me he was cumming he was tearing me apart and this orgasm was so amazing I thought I was gonna pass out!! He came inside me but I swear his dick felt so fucking far up inside me I thought I could feel his cum in my chest!!
HHHHMMMMM!!! We took a minute as I told him how amazing he was and how much we loved each other, and as we were kissing and hhhm his lips felt so good!

We began again and didn't finish until an hour before he had to get ready to leave for his trip!! Damn I miss him already!


passion958 58M
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5/1/2005 11:08 am

MMMMMMMMM... So beautiful and hooooorrrrnnnnnyyyyy story.
After I finished a reading, I was so hot, horny and get wish to have
you by my side... MMMMMM

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