Chocolate, Strawberries, and S-E-X!!!!!!!  

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5/13/2005 8:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Chocolate, Strawberries, and S-E-X!!!!!!!

Last nite was absolutely wonderful!!! D treated me to a nite out, with a “sweet surprise” when we got home and a passionate nite!!! When we arrived back home I was feeling a little tipsy, in a good way though!! I was instructed to go shower, and to please wear his favorite fragrance!! I did as I was told, of course!! I am a very obedient dickaholic, most of the time!!! After I had freshened up and entered back into the livingroom, I see that he has placed a few of my favorite things in around the livingroom!!! My air mattress, candles, chocolate, and strawberries!!!!

I told him he was too much, as he took me into his arms and hung a strawberry above my mouth!! I bit into, tasting the sweetness, as he untied my robe and slipped his hand around my back, down my ass, giving it a slight squeeze!! He led me to the bed, and laid my head on his lap! D, dipped a strawberry into the chocolate, gliding it between my breasts, down to my navel! It felt amazing as he licked it off! I was in heaven!!! We shared the strawberries dipping them on various parts of each other, I was so hot!!! D, moved slowly down my body licking any spot he felt he missed along the way!! I could only think of one he missed, but he was about to correct that!! He parted my legs kissing my inner thigh, before kissing my wet pussy lips!!! I moved closer to him, lusting for him to take my clit into his mouth as he began to lick around my pussy!! He took a strawberry, dipping it in and out of my pussy, while sucking , licking, then nibbling my clit!! The coldness of the strawberry combined with the heat of his mouth sent me into full throttle orgasm!!!

I wanted him in my mouth now!!!! I told him to cum here, and I kissed his wet chin!! I then dipped his finger into the chocolate, licking and sucking it off, as slowly as I could!! He was loving it!! I then took my finger into the chocolate putting drizzles on his dick!! “HHHHMMM, a double chocolate, dick, yummy.” I said, then licking the chocolate off, that big hard chocolate dick!! I took the head of his dick into my mouth, hearing his moans of pleasure as I slipped slowly down his dick, taking him to the back of my throat!!! Stroking and sucking his cock, while playing with his balls! When I took his balls into my mouth D practically, lifted himself off the bed!!! He couldn’t stand it anymore and said he wanted to fuck me! We laid in the spoon position, he lifted my leg high, and began fucking my wet pussy!! I began to play with my clit, which turned him on even more, he began to ram into me, talking dirty to me!! “Oh shit!! I’m gonna cum all over your dick, baby.” I said, as juices streamed out of my pussy!! “Yeah, baby, cum on this dick!” He bent my leg up to my chest, pinching my nipple as he rammed deeper!! “Play with that clit, dammit. Cum for me again, you’re my sexy little slut!!” I love it when he talks to me, while he is fucking the shit out of me!! “Yeah, baby, make this horny little slut cum all over you!” I was loving every minute, every stroke of his dick!! I began to play with his balls as he rammed in and out, and, “Oh shit!!!! I’m cumming again baby!” I told him, squirting again all over his big black dick!!! “Yeah, baby! I am cumming too baby!” Oh he was thrusting , deeper, and deeper, oh my fucking goodness!!! Those last strokes sent me onto another ride on the orgasm coaster!!! He shot his cum, deep inside of me, dick still throbbing, as my juices streamed out while he played with my throbbing clit!!!!!! We lay together for a moment, nuzzling noses, and kissing like newlyweds!! It was sweet in more way than one!!

We played again, later after we cuddled watching a movie!! I had a great nite, and hope that you guys have as much fun as I am gonna have this weekend!! I have plans for him tonite, so you know I will tell you all about it tomorrow!!!!

Lick well!!!



Puurple_Passions 46M/39F
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5/15/2005 6:36 pm

yummm!! sounds like a fantasick night! Absolutely wonderful! One of those nights you wish you could relive over and over again. You guys are so much fun to read about!!


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