A forbidden meeting........  

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5/9/2005 10:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A forbidden meeting........

Fantasy begins here........

A man calls to tell me what hotel he is staying at, asking if I can get away! It's you!!!! I have been waiting for this for awhile, secretly dreaming of it as I slept! In less than 20 minutes I walk through the lobby of the hotel and into the elevator on my way to your room, your arms, your body, on my way to a forbidden meeting with you! I pause as the doors of the elevator finally open to the hallway!! "Here we go,Lady." I say to myself unbuttoning one more button on my blouse!! I tug on my skirt and laugh to myself as I realize I am at your door!!! I knock as I contemplate turning to run, when you open the door.......

Your smile, soothes my nervousness yet makes my clit tingle in my panties!!! You pull me into the room and into a kiss, that makes me weak in the knees!!! I melt into your chest for a few minutes but it feels longer!!!! God do you feel good!!! I slip my hands beneath your shirt so that I can finally feel your skin!! You grab my ass caressing it softly then smacking it hard!!! I squeeze you closer to me, wishing that I could disappear into your body!!! I am so engulfed into your being I have not noticed you have been undressing me!! I feel high....drunk with passion and lust!! You raise my chin to look at you and you kiss my lips once more, as you twist my nipples!!!! Shit!!! You lead me to the bed, to lie me down, so that you can taste my sweet juices!! The juices that have been running down my legs as you have undressed and kissed me. I lie down watching you as you strip for me! I see your hard cock, waiting for me, wanting me;I raise myself so that I might grab it! You take my hand instead, kissing each one of my fingers!

You position yourself between my legs, you kiss my thighs, so tenderly, my flow streams onto the bed!!! What are you doing to me? You place your face into my wetness!! Tasting every drop! Your tongue circles my clit teasing it, then sucking it! You slide in 3 fingers into my hole!! I hear a voice, inpassioned, at the height of arousal! I recognize the voice as my own as I claim an amazing orgasm!! I hear my voice begging to suck your cock!!! I cannot tell if my own lips are moving!!! You bring your hard dick to my lips, finally I have control of my mouth!! You taste wonderful! Sweet! I caress your balls, as I tighten my mouth to the point where it is barely possible for your dick to slide in and out of my mouth!!! You gasp with pleasure, wanting to place you cock into my pussy!!

You force me back onto the bed, spreading my legs, and enter me!! You make long, deep strokes enjoying the depths of my wetness!!! This feels too good!! You plunge deeper and harder!!! I find myself raising up off the bed, wrapping my legs around your body, we are thrusting to each other! Your lips are moving, but I am so swept away in the moment I cannot hear the words!!! You kiss me gripping me tightly as you feel my pussy convulse into orgasm!! I hear you in a slight whisper that you are gonna cum! My head leans back as I thrust myself upwards and against you, as your dick begins to pulsate releasing that wonderful cum deep inside me!!! I collapse onto the bed!! You lean over my body, kissing my neck, my breasts, my stomach, as you tell me how sweet forbidden fruit can be!! I can do nothing but agree with you! Forbidden fruit is sweet, rich with the wine of sin!!! HHHMMMMMM!

Such a forbidden meeting, but oh such sweet fruit!!!!



rm_xx23x3 44M
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5/10/2005 12:12 pm

Damn Lady,Fantasy or reality your writings are so full of sexual energy and passion.Keep the stories and us cumming.


need_4more2 44M

5/10/2005 3:05 pm

sounds like he would be fully drained by the time u r done with him! wouldn't that just be a sweet night?!

can't put into words what i am thinking at the moment, but it has me hard sa rock and wishing i could find that hotel!!!

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