It was amazing, I want to do it for real.  

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8/27/2005 8:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It was amazing, I want to do it for real.

I have a regular webcam girl I visit when we happen to be online at the same time and we cam to cam. I originally visited her because I needed some relief. However after our first encounter I kept going back not because I needed relief, but because of what it did for her.

I love to build the mood and I loved to build the mood with her. We would chat with the cameras off to heighten the excitement. Then we would switch on the cameras and go for it. Stripping and then tossing ourselves off in front of each other on camera. Talking dirty all the time. Seems like a pretty normal webcam sex chat to most people except for one difference. It turns us on so much that we need to keep meeting online to experience it again. We cum together and it is amazing. To watch her cum on cam is amazing, her body gyrates, shudders and wriths with pleasure and that in turn makes me shoot cum everywhere. She feels so much pleasure and it really makes me happy to know it.

Now I go online purely for her pleasure. Every time we cam together I make sure that she cums as hard as she can because it is so fulfilling.

The only problem is now I want to find a woman outside of the virtual environment. I want to find a woman who wants to feel that same pleasure, so much pleasure that she cant control her gyrating and shuddering body as she orgasms. I really want to show a woman the ultimate pleasure even at the temporary expense of my pleasure. It is a fulfilling experience for me when I know shes enjoying it.

I am sharing this because I know someone is going to be touched by this story. Write to me if you are interested.

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