Last night...Oh MY  

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1/7/2006 1:57 pm

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Last night...Oh MY

I just have to tell you about last night!
It was the first night I had my webcam hooked up, and it was so fun! I was on and I went into a chat room after turning on my cam...I was already wet from thinking of the things I might do, and how many people would be watching...after I approved everyone I could to view me, (the total turned out to be 47), I was a little nervous, but decided to go on...I started by raising my shirt and caressing my breasts slowly...a lot of encouragement came from all the IM's I had going, so I threw the shirt off and unzipped my pants. My pussy was so wet by then that my panties and jeans were both soaked. I was loving it! I sucked on my finger then rubbed the wet digit over my tight nipple, making it tighter, and couldn't help but moan. The finger on my other hand slid into the folds of my wet pussy, rubbing around my clit, not quite touching it. I was sooo into this, and the IM's were just buzzing away. telling me to bear it all, but I was to shy for that...
It felt sooo good to touch myself. I decided it was time to cum. I placed my finger on my clit and started rubbing it in slow circles, rotating my hips into a rythm. I took my other hand from my nipples and ran it down my tummy, past the clit and deep into the folds...I stuck 2 fingers inside my pussy and nearly came on the spot, but managed to hold back.I imagined that the fingers in my pussy were a big hard cock. I really wanted a big hard cock to be slamming into me at that point, but my slippery fingers had to do me. The rubbing on my clit was driving me wild, my hips rotating faster, I rocked them higher and higher as I grew more excited and wet...I could hear many voices through my speakers, and one by one I heard them all cum as they watched me rub my was too much! I shattered into a million tiny pieces then and there! I bucked and shook with my orgasm, moaning and shuddering...Oh, how I wish to do that AGAIN...

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1/7/2006 4:39 pm

do it then

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