Well, Well... here we <u>CUM</u> AGAIN!!!  

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7/26/2005 3:44 pm

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Well, Well... here we <u>CUM</u> AGAIN!!!

This past weekend we took things to another level! We had a threesome with the Dom/Sub thing going on. It was REALLY kool! She came over and we all got started ad she said that whoever can make her cum the hardest gets to tell her what to do for the rest of the night!! So, you know that both got extra excited! With her standing 5'7 / 125 / sexy ass light brown, greenish eyes / 34C (stand up like missiles) / slim waist / and ass for days that just do not belong on a white chick!

So, we start working this sexy azz chick from head to toe. I started licking and sucking at the top and my man started at the bottom and we met up in the middle! We were fighting with our tongues to see who was going to get frist crakc at that pussy. So we decided to share the pussy at the sametime. I got into a 69 position with her and spreaded her legs and pussy lips wide apart so my man could sliding his LONG FAT ass tongue deep into her already wet pussy! I started sucking and licking on clit as she was eating my pussy out. We were working that pussy so good until the she was moaning so loud that we thought that she was going to wake up the dead. the more she moaned the more we ate. Then I sat up on her face as she ate my pussy so that my man could have the pussy ALL to himself. He put one spread her legs apart and put one foot on hs should and then the other. He used he fingers to spread her pussy apart and to raise the lil man in the boats out. I could see him sucking that lil man into his mouth and I knew he was doing the job because her moaning started getting louder and her tongue was going deep into my pussy. I felt like this chick was licking on my ovaries... my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I came so hard all over her face. My man was sucking and licking on yoru clit faster and faster until she squrited!!! LoL! Wasn't even any need in me trying to top that so my man was decleared the winner.

So now, he's the MASTER and we are his subs! He goes into the drawer of goodies and pulls out this dildo that sticks to surfaces. So he stuck the diido to dresser and told her to fuck herself doggie style and eat my pussy at the sametime. he also instructed me that I cannot CUM. If I feel like I'm going to cum I have to beg him him first and get permission to come. So she backs into the dildo doggie style, I lay on the edge of the bed and she bends down and starts eating my pussy and finger fucking me at the sametime. He's laying on the bed watching us and stroking his well lubed dick in his hand and that shit is turning me on!!! Then he leans over and put his dick just out of reach of my mouth and tell me that I BETTER find a way to suck his dick! So i have to leave up on my elbows and put his dick into my mouth. He looks at me and say nice slave girl. The he tells me to put as dick into my mouth as possible and I'm more that willing to be do what my MASTER tells me. I feel the urge to come again and I stop sucking his dick to say, "MASTER, PLEASE MASTER... MAY I CUM?" and he looks at me and said.. who told you to stop sucking my dick? If i didn't say u could cum then HELL NO! So here I am sucking the hell out of dick and getting a word class pussy eating from a sexy female that is fucking herself with a dildo stuck to the dresser... I have to think of something crazy not to cum. My MASTER looks at me and see that I'm about to cum and tells here to stop! I was like DAMNNNNNNNN (in my mind, can't let MASTER hear me speak)! Then he lays down and puts his dick into her mouth and tells her that he wants her to lick up and down the shaft of his dick and lick on his balls. Then MASTER tell me to lick her asshole while she's fucking the dildo. So she is in bliss as I'm licking on her asshole at the sametime she is sucking the hell out of his dick and fucking that dildo. Then he tells me to get the strap on that is 9 inches long and FAT AS MY WRIST! So I suit up and she is still bent over sucking his dick and fucking the dildo... I move her off the dico so i can fuck her doggie style with this HUGE strap on. her pussy was so wet and open that the damn dildo feel all the way into the pussy to the balls with NO lube! I grab that slim waist and looking at that sexy white ass that was would make JayLo proud and started sliding that dick in and out slowly and grinding my hips into that pussy. Then I slapped that ass to watch it turn red with an imprint of my hand. wow... i am getting way toooo excited! I start drilling that pussy as I slide a finger into her ass and that pussy was soo wet until the point it was making loud gooshing sounds. The pussy started farting i was drilling so good! Then she she nutted ALL over the strap on and me... she had her cum running down her legs and her cum was even on my stomach... this chick made a mess! She could even go anymore... she just clasped right there on the floor. Her legs gave away! MASTER WAS PISSED OFFF!!! She hadn't asked for permission to cum.... oh weee! she was in BIG trouble and she knew it. He went into the closet and got the scarfs to tie her legs and arms to the bed post. she was begging MASTER to stop and pleading that she was sorry and that she would be a good girl... but MASTER didn't say a word.. he kept tying her up. he had her arms and legs tied to the same bed post! she was laying on her back with her legs opened wide and spreaded above her head tied to the same bed post!!! WOW!!! That pussy pouting open and shinning with the cum she just released and now she is really begging MASTER to teach her a lesson for being such a bad girl! he stood over top of her and told her that he was going to fuck her until she just could NOT be fucked anymore and if he got tired that I was going to take over and we would just TAG-TEAM that pussy! So he bent his knees so that the tip of his dick was at the top of her pussy, The pussy opened up like a flower in the sunshine and he plunged his dick deep down to the balls into the folds of her pussy and her eyes opened wide and her lips opened wide as if she wanted to scream but couldn't.. not a sound came out! He went to beating that pussy up! I thought that I had done some serious fucking, but I have NEVER seen him fucking like this b4.. not in 8 years! MASTER would pull his dick AL the way out and u would even hear a slurping sound as it came out and then DROVE it all the way back in! Then MASTER put a pillow up under her back and butt and went to work on that pussy while bent over top of her! he told me to put the strap on in her mouth and that she was to shut up and suck the dick and she would love it! DAMN! My man is really fucking turniong me on with this shit talking! He fucked her hard for about a good 5 to 10 mins then we swithed places! I went to work on that pussy and well, you can figure the rest! When he came, he made her swallow every drop and to cleane the pussy juices off his dick!

WOW! Every girl needs a MASTER like mines! Cum and join us (SEXY LADIES ONLY)! adbifemale at YAH...

CumAndGetItNYC 35F

7/29/2005 3:06 am

Wow guys, my girl and I are coming to town on the 6th of Aug for a sorority girls reunion and we are staying for 3 extra days (til wed.) and we are looking for a good time to be had. We def. think we're freaky enuff to help you fill 5 more stories at least. Plus, one of our girls we're meeting there would almost for sure join us. We would have sent you a message, but there are settings that my profile must not meet. Anyway, if you're interested, let me know at AdultFriendFinder. Pics, email, whatever you want can be provided.

rm_naughtyneci 38F

10/17/2005 12:17 pm

great story, makes me wish i still lived in georgia. i will b down there soon and i hope i can catch up to u guys.

(tessy jones)

12/12/2005 10:14 pm

i need a vacation, is ur house still open


9/12/2006 9:15 am

that sounded like the kind of time that need...right about now...

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