A 4some!!!!  

rm_BiATLFem 38F
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4/15/2005 5:30 pm

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11/30/2009 4:27 pm

A 4some!!!!


Me and my man just had a 4some! Me, my man, and two sexy azz females!!! This was a night that goes into the record books! Strap-ons, vibrators, Double Pentration, and anal probes were all in effect in this fuck sessions that started at 12am and ended around 4:30am.

My man and I invited 2 sexy azz females over. One female #1 was a chocolate brown female standing about 5'3 / 120 lbs / dreads (sexy) / light brown eyse and an ASS to die for! The other sexy female #2 was about 5'6 / 135lbs / smooth dark chocolate / 36D / and as ass the MOST perfect round ass alive! Of course yo know I'm banging!! LoL!

We all sat around watching porno's and drinking on Henessay, Alize, Voka, and other things... lol!! I know i'm fucking up the spelling but I don't give a DAMN! I had a wonderful fucking NIGHT! One by one we all took a shower and dried off and got on the bed naked! Female #1 started sucking on my man's dick while my man played with female #1s pussy with his fingers and licking on the clit from time to time! Then I got into the bed and me and female #2 started kissing and by this time Female #1 was sucking my man's dick like it was the last dick she would ever get to taste! my man was eating the hell out of Female#2. She was moaning hard as me and her kissed. She started sucking on my titties! I started licking down her belly getting closer to my man eating the hell out of her pussy! I decided that I would help out! we ate her pussy at the sametime... I was sucking and licking on her clit while my man was sliding his tongue in and out of her wet dripping pussy! She was moaning and painting harder and harder. Her back arched as her body started shaking and cum oozed out her pussy as she had a hell of an orgasim. We licked all of her cum up and kissed tasting her cum on our tongues. I got up and slid on my Strap-on. Female #2 final got a hold of herself and helped Female #1 suck my man's dick. One sucking and lickin on his nuts while the other was sucking his dick and then they switch positions. my man was getting a world class blow job and I could tell from he smile on his face that he was well pleased! I got behind Female #2 doggie style as she sucked my man's dick and lubed up the strap-on and slide that strap-on deep inside her pussy all the way up to the balls if the strap-on would have had some (lol). She let out a serious moan in approval. I started out slow deep stroking that pussy and squeezing that ass. I pushed her in the small of the back to get the position i wanted... ASS UP AND FACE DOWN IN THE BED! Female #1 has climbed ontop of my man's dick and riding the hell out of him backwards so that she could watch the show that was going on. I got Female#2 to put that ass way up the air with her face flush to the bed... I started drilling that pussy! I broke that pussy off good! That pussy was making wet slooshing sounds, pussy farting, and she was maoning and screaming pleasure for me to fuck her harder and I was ONLY to happy to give this fine big booty ass female what she wanted. So i got up on both feet and straddle that ass doggie style and I pounded that pussy DEEP and HARD just like she wanted... in no time she was screaming that she was cumming. she came so hard until her body just gave out and calsped on the bed with a big sigh of pleasure being fucked right! I fucked her so good that everyone gave me a High 5 and my man even had to say DAMN, you made me a lil jealous fucking like that... lol! Then female #1 said she wanted DP (Double Pentration)! WOW!! me and my man were like hell yeah!!! So i laid down on the bed and she got ontop of my strap on and my man slide his dick into her ass and we fucked the shit out of her. I felt like we were in a porno flick! I wish I could have video tape that session! That was the ULTIMATE! I had never done that! Here was this very sexy, innocent looking female handling this like a trooper! This was her first time and she said that she felt like we would be good to her and believe me... she will ALWAYS come and see us!

Well, there is a lot more to tell about that night, but that was the BIGGEST highlight! you can imagine the rest of the night!

well, if you are a sexy ass female and YOU wish to have some real live fun without the drama, hang-ups, jealousy.. then hit US up! We make fantasies reality!

sexyeyes20052 33F

4/25/2005 9:06 am

that sounds like so much fun... I only dream of having a night like that. my fantasy is to have a threesome with 2 sexyass femals though.. but anyways great story keep doing whatcha do have a little fun for me.....sexyeyes..oh yeah I'm a sexy ass Dyme!!!!

rm_KissThis1965 51F

6/12/2005 11:34 am

OHhhh my.....sounds like you and your man know now to make a woman really cum and cum and cum.....mmmmmm. I'm just sittin here lickin my lips!

NawlinsKnockout 39F

6/15/2005 11:47 pm

Guys, I can't send you a message because I don't match your cupid settings. However, ignore my profile. I changed it to discourage guys when I got too many annoying, harrassing assholes contacting me. I'm bi, VERY experienced, and I travel to Atlanta often for work. I LOVE it in both holes as well and I have a sudden urge to relive your story. However, I'd like to tweak it a little. I have a nice strap on of my own. If I bring it, can your woman and yourself DP me with the strap ons while I suck your man's big dick and tug on his balls? God I hope you check this and contact me! I'm sooooo fucking wet after reading that!

5lovedady3 63M/50F  
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7/12/2005 4:08 pm

Yours was a very, very sext story. I sat here stroking myself and I read. When my baby gets home, I'll let her read it and watch her come. Thanks

rm_taylor3110 43F
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9/7/2005 9:03 am

i read your blog...wish it were me... keep the 3some up...make sure you holla at me.

(tessy jones)

12/12/2005 10:22 pm

i sure am learning a lot

rm_2tonguefun4u 44M/45F
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2/25/2008 9:38 pm

Damn that shyt was hot!

rm_berryblk098 48F
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3/20/2009 3:27 am

DAMN DAMN DAMN that's what I'm talking about do the damn thang.
I'm pussy so hot n wet wish it was me.

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