Sarah's Seduction Part II  

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Sarah's Seduction Part II

Feeling her wettness flowing from her steaming pussy.. he then begains slowly sliding a finger inside of her. Longing, wanting to feel her from the inside. His fingers, so long, so thick.. Sarah couldn't help but get enjoyment out of it.. slowly grinding her hips against his finger.. sliding it in and out faster and faster, her wetness now dripping all over his hand.. and now getting on her panties too.. "MMM, See.. I knew you wanted me" he said while forcing in another finger.
Sitting on the desk..legs spread wide.. with a georgous Vampire pleasing her little pussy. What woman wouldn't want this? But with Sarah it showed! more and more.. the more he touched her the more she became aroused.. with every word that came from his lips reached her at orgasm state of mind..
His breathe in her ear, his dark clock flowing over his manhood hiding his large, pale cock. He grows very tired of the desk position.. Throwing Sarah's small body on the floor,he begians fill her body with gentle kisses, starting with her ear.. allowing his fangs to slightly touch her ear loab. "Oh Yes!" she screamed once more! her hands traveling down the small of her body, and brushing over her wet pussy. Feeling how wet it is brings her to amazment. "oh My!"
"Yes, Sarah.. you are very aroused, (sliding a hand down her stomach and once more over her tight little pussy) and your smell is so sweet, innocent if you will.
Taking his kisses from her ear, to her neck.. the small vane keeps him distracted for only a mear second. Then traveling past her stomach.. "I want to taste you.. I want to feel your pussy soaking my face, and nibble your juices from your bald pussy lips"
"OH GOD" she orgasmed at the though of it.
"No Darling, Not God....Tristian... Tristian Volocuez"
"Mmmm what a name" she said while raiseing her pussy to his mouth.
Taking her legs in his arms, he pulls her body forward, in a sitting postion, he feasts.. allowing her to feel his bite, His POWER.. his Darkness. The blood from her thigh and pussy lips flowing over his mouth.. like a wild animal his face is burried deep inside her wetness..
Sarah's body is moving everywhere, twitching in so many ways.. orgasm after orgasm.. juices flow like a hot knife thru butter, never ending.
"Have you had enough Sarah? You have felt my darkness now, you will Never be the same darling" he said while standing, and lick the blood/juices from his face.
Laying in shock Sarah opens her eyes.
"No, I want more.. "
"More? what more can I give you Sarah?"
"This" she replied while leaning forward and sliding her had up his dark cloak..
"This is what I want"
taking his manhood in her mouth.. she begians sucking,and licking.. teasing Tristian in so many ways. He sits.. unable to stand from the pleasure she is giving him. Moaning, groaning.. his manhood awakens in her mouth, growing getting harder, wanting so badly to feel more.
"Give me more" Tristian demanded from Sarah.

Sarah then stands to her feet, removing her attire very seductivly, guiding her hand down her body in passion, and feeling her pussy regain it's wetness. Sliding a finger over her clit "Is this what u want Tristian? you want to feel your hard cock inside my tight pussy? mmm want to feel it sucking the juices from you" she said while very slowly stradling him.. teasing his cock once more.. Slowly guiding it across her lips, getting it wet.
"YES!" he exclaimed and SLAMED her small body down on his 10 inch cock.. "YES! THAT'S WHAT I WANT!" he ordered

Breaking out in moans, Sarah's eyes rolling back in her head, her mouth dropping, dripping, her pussy swelled with passion, the clit THROBBING against his pale body.
Tristian now taking his hands around her waist he begians to hug her, sliding his cock in deeper and faster, holding her body right where he wants her.. Pushing in faster and soaking his every inch of cock. Both breaking out in moans.. they know what their bodies are ready for.. moans grow faster and louder.. faster.. louder!
Their bodies sweaty with passion, their eyes closed, his mouth next to her neck.. the heat rolls from the both of them..
"OH GOD!" she cried, tring to hold back orgasm
"No" he yelled "Don't hold back on me Sarah, let me have it, i want to feel your pussy quiver over my cock.. feel your body lie lifeless in my arms" He said while driving in deeper and harder! In his mind all he wanted was just one Bite, one real taste of her innocents.
"YESSSSSSSS!" she cried reaching her orgasm "YESSSSSS"
with that one last push Sarah reaches an extrodionary orgasm.. her pussy twitching and sucking at Tristians cock.. Tristian feeling this, his mouth goes closer to her neck.. and Finally.. the one bite she had LONGED for.. he sinks his teeth deep into her neck.. sucking and tasting her blood.. her purity.. her innocents.

Leaving her lieing moationless on the floor.. Tristian stands to his feet. With a movement of his arm, Tristian wips his mouth and face off with his cloak.

"MMMMMMMM very tasty my darling.. now.. Awaken and Go with me"

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10/2/2005 7:17 pm

i really want to be your vampire

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