Glen Gore  

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4/14/2006 10:28 am

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Glen Gore

What can I say? I didn’t know much about “dogging” until Saturday 08/04/06 when, after dropping my wife off at her work in Edinburgh I was driving down the A7 looking for somewhere to go photographing wildlife and landscapes, this is about 8am. I spotted a sign for Glen Gore so pulled in, there was an old VW camper in the car park, I didn’t think much of it at the time, except that this is one old wagon now, got my camera kit out the boot and went off down the trails. I spent about an hour photographing the river and some rabbits frolicking in the sunbeams, then decided to move on, continuing on the same path, hoping to arrive at the other side of the car park. When I approached the car park I could see the camper was next to my car, thinking this is a bit strange, but there can’t be many VW campers left running it must have gone away and come back.
As I arrived at my car and opened the boot to pack my camera away I heard giggling from the camper, as I looked over I saw a pair of breasts at the window with the biggest smile on the face they belonged to, you had ever seen. Then she dropped away. Closing the boot of my car I looked into the campervan to see a sweet looking girl sitting on the floor wearing just a denim miniskirt, she was smiling up at me with her big brown eyes. Obviously I looked her up and down, well who wouldn’t. To her right was her man, dressed in what I assume to be as her panties and bra, his erect cock sticking out the top of her panties. I looked away and opened my car door, the side door to there camper slid open to reveal the girl laying back with her body glistening in the sunlight, she had slid the door back with a foot, this left her legs wide open as were her cunt lips. Without thinking the words came out of my mouth “Very nice” her boyfriend asked if I’d like to watch them fuck, my cock took over my brain, “love to” I squeaked.
Climbing into the camper pulling the door shut behind me, I looked for a place to sit, it was a choice of beanbag or the floor, as everything from the back had been pulled out except the curtains which the girl was drawing, as she drew the back ones her ass was pointing right at me, very nice indeed I was thinking, as was my now growing cock, the boyfriend was sitting on the floor at the back of the camper when she was pulling the curtains, his hands slid up her thigh to her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, with this he asked if I’d like to kiss her ass, without speaking I moved forward to kiss her, I tried to kiss her cunt, so got her asshole on my nose and couldn’t breath, but I could just taste her cunt, so stayed there, trying to lick and breath through my mouth. I could feel his tongue jostling for position with mine so I backed off. She asked me to lay on my back and undo my trousers, I lay back and slipped my trousers and pants down to my knees, the boyfriend smiled at me and took them the rest of the way for me. When I put my head back down it was nestled against her thighs, she shifted forward and lowered her cunt onto my face. I could feel her mouth around my cock as she cupped my balls. Heaven!
It seemed I had to lick and drink her for ages, pulling her ass apart to breath, until I came. Soon after I came she sat more upright and her boyfriend started to rub her clit, I knew this because I could feel it on my chin. When she came she pushed down real hard on my face, my nose pressed hard up her asshole my mouth covered by her cunt lips, I could only breath through the gaps in his fingers. Finally she stood up from me, as I opened my eyes and sat up she was licking cum from his lips and face.

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4/14/2006 5:28 pm

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