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5/31/2005 2:32 pm

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Mundane thoughts

Lets see, two updates for this day.

I will start out with a mundane post. Officially it is my birthday, 27 years old today. What do I plan on doing for my birthday, nothing in fact. Just work, writing and answering emails or blogs. Hmm such fun eh?

But in truth I just want a day to catch up on all I have to do, since being sick the last few days. Finally I am over that thankfully enough. Now I can get back to hiking and working out again. Odd how I missed that while sick.

What else, oh right. Get to do a bit more of pre-packing for the move in a few months. The start of august I am finally moving back to North Carolina. It is odd how much I miss that place after leaving it. before I moved out here I couldn’t wait to get out of that town, now I realize how much I liked it.

From the fishing I did back there. And let me tell you cast netting is no easy form of fishing. First the net weighs from 10 pounds all the way up to 40 pounds of lead weight, then you have to throw it at a moving target sometimes up to 30 feet away. Wading through chest deep water with thick mud all the way up to the ankles and bull sharks and salt water crocs swimming in the same water you are. it is not safe either. Then there are the sting rays with barbs as long as knives coated with a neural toxin, and the oyster rocks that can slice through even a boot without a problem and you have a lot of danger. But god do I miss that, while out in the wetlands cast netting it was the most relaxed I have even been. The smooth mirror flat water, the salty tang in the air, the herons and egrets fishing the shores. It was quite lovely, if you can ignore the occasion 7 foot bull shark swimming right next to you.

Then there is bowling, when I first went as a kid I couldn’t help but thinking. Oh god this is such geekiness, why am I forced to do this. Well I grew to like it and I am quite good. I miss that back there. Plus all the D&D role players back there, yes I am a dungeons and dragons geek, sort of anyways. Too much to do back there.

Plus I don’t have to worry about my father’s car getting vandalized because he has a Marine license plate. God when we first moved out here his car was egged twice, once baby killer was painted on it, another time he was spit upon down town because he wore his marine cap that day. And this was all before I was due to have surgery and long before the war in Iraq. I can’t wait to leave this town and those memories back here. hell if not for him while I was in the hospital for three weeks I don’t know what my wife would have done. He helped us out immeasurably during that time and here these little pissants are spitting on him. ug…

Ok I guess that is it for the mundane post, now onto round two for the secret desires posts.

rm_Elysia2005 43F
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5/31/2005 5:28 pm

Happy Birthday, sweetie, and good luck with the move!

rm_Belswingcpl 38M/41F

5/31/2005 10:29 pm

Thanks, more then likely I am going to need it. 3500 miles from here to there, with two kids one five and the other three. Oh boy what fun.

I can just see it now, half way through Kansas, in the middle of a long stretch of highway from the back seat pipes up a little voice. The sweet angelic voice of my youngest.

“Daddy I made a yucky poopy…”

I blink ans look back over my shoulder as my wife gets a smile on her face saying “thank god I am driving, you got this one.”

“so hun is there a rest stop near by?”

“not for another hundred miles.” I can just hear her laugh silently.



mentally I start cursing all of the gods, past, present and future.

I manages to squeeze into the back seat of the car, and start to change my youngest. Just as I get the diaper off, wipe her and before I have a chance to close it up, it happens.

We hit the only bump in the road for the last two hundred miles and up goes the diaper and with everything in life, gravity works. I comes splatting right on down onto my arm.

“OH my dear god…get it off…oh eww..oh this is just so wrong…”

of course both my daughter and wife think this is funny as they break out laughing, my wife snorting and my daughter pointing at me and laughing.

At that point I feel sooooo loved by the two of them.

I grab the wipes and try to get it off my arm. “oh god the smell, what did she eat? By the love of god it isn’t coming off…oh dear lord I think I saw it…it moved!”

“dear you are seeing things!”

“get it off, get it off….its going for my brains..the stink starting out…”

at that instant the diaper comes alive and starts to attack. sunndenly the realization dawned on me I knew we shouldn’t have eaten at McDonalds earlier that day! What are they cooking their fries in?

of course this is a worse case scenario of the radioactive diaper from the children having to eat wayyyyy too much fast food on the trip.

ok so it is official i have a twisted sense of humor.

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