A Dark Desire  

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4/29/2005 1:18 am

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A Dark Desire

((this one i typed up in a few minutes hope you all like it.))

It was late on a Friday night in the middle of summer. It had been a hot day, a heat wave running rampant through the city. Me and my girl decided to head out that night and have a bit of fun on the town, hitting a few local clubs and just relaxing. Between her job and my college degrees that I have yet to complete we had been stressed out during the week. And now that it was Friday night it was time to let loose and party.

Throughout the night we hit many bars and clubs, each one we both had a little to drink, enough to get a slight buzz from the effects but not enough to get too drunk to enjoy the night. We were on our fifth club when we decided to call it a night and go home have a little private time between the sheets. As she whispered in my ears my desire was there but I was not too steady on my feet at the moment.

“I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop, I want to suck your cock dry.” She teasingly whispered in my ear just before nipping the ear lobe.

I smiled drunkedly at her and she just sighed in slight disgust and says. “or we could go home and sleep it off, next time and do me a favor hun hold back on the beers until we get home?”

I just nod my accent to her demands for the moment as she drags me out the back door to the alley behind the club. As we walk into the night I mutter that I left my wallet at the table and head back in, once again she sighs in disgust as I disappear through the door. As she turns to watch the door for my return she doesn’t notice the silent shadow inching up behind her till a rough strong hand wraps itself around her throat and a hoarse voice whispers in her ear.

“don’t make a sound bitch.” As the man whispers those words into her ears she is pushed up against the brick wall. She looks towards the door in desperation seeking my return and her salvation because she knows what is about to happen.

The strong hands run down her sides and under her short shirt ripping her panties down about her knees before sliding up her inner thighs. She can’t help but shallow in fear yet something about this stirs a dark desire in her heart as her knees quiver and her thighs part allowing the hand access to her pussy. A finger eagerly thrusts into it, sliding in and out as the man kisses along the side pf her neck. As she lets out a moan, a deep throated groan of pleasure his hand unwraps from her neck and slides down to her chest.

The dark desire spreads through her, a fire raging in her heart at the forbidden nature of this, a man forcing his desire onto her. She knows she should be revolted but deep in her mind, what her and her boyfriend talked about that week, she knew she craved this and wanted it as she thrust her legs apart and her ass into the air grinding her pussy onto his finger. In just minutes her nipples are erect as she leans her chest against the cool stone wall and her desire drips down her thighs as she explodes on a loud burning orgasm.

But even then she is not done yet as he pulls his finger away and forces her onto her knees in the dark shadows of the alley. At first her eyes widen as she feels a hard throbbing cock push against her pussy lips, parting her and then with a deep hunger she thrust back onto him taking him deep inside of her. She pulls her top up letting the cool air brush against her bare breasts as his cock pounds slowly and deeply into her causing them to bounce back and forth. Her eyes close in pleasure and just then she feels a hand grab onto her chin and lift her head up, another cock presses against her lips and she eagerly parts then to take it into her mouth. With a deep moan from both her and the man she looks up to see her boy friend there as she sucks on his cock. Just then she realizes he was faking being drunk just as he explodes into her mouth as the other guys hot cum fills up her tight pussy.

The seconds flow into minutes and minutes into hours as she is fucked by the stranger and her boyfriend. They take turns pounding her from behind or having her sock on them. At one point they both stand before her as in turn she takes them in her mouth while jerking the other off with her hand. Hours pass on by and other men coming from the club join in and by the time the sun rises and they are on their way home she is collapsed in the passenger seat covered in cum and sweat a satisfied grin on her face.

She looks over at me and smiles. “how did you know I wanted that to happen?”

“I peeked in your journal, I hope you don’t mind?” I ask softly though I already know the answer by the look on her face.

“not at all, god that was great.”

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