Basics of what you can expect from me  

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1/18/2006 8:49 am

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Basics of what you can expect from me

Your whole life you have felt this urge to kneel at the feet of a beautiful woman who would know what you desire deepest and was willing to take you to the edge. You tried playing around with your girlfriends, but they just could not tap into that animalistic craving. You need more. You try a few professionals, but they left you feeling confused or only semi-satisifed. As the result you take matters into your own hands and try the online community for release. This is your first step to me!

You come across my profile on the net and found my photos very desirable. Then you located me again on another site, just minutes after seeing me on a personal blog site. Imagine your surprise when my images filed your screen a final time while browsing the ads on an online service for a local publication! It seems like someone is trying to tell you something. THEY ARE!

Ambitiously you drop me a note. We begin to talk about what your needs are. I share with you my private email address and the letters become more detailed. Negotiations have begun! We talk about what types of kink get to you. I explain what I feel comfortable exploring with you and you follow my directions on how to secure your appointment. After giving you my cell phone number, I wait for your call.

When we get on the phone together the mood is light and playful. We talk about when we can get time to see each other and begin to formulate a plan. You know when and where to be. The waiting period just builds your anticipation [and excitement] more.

My place is modest but attractive. I open the door dressed to the hilt. You are stunned by how much I actually resemble my online images. After inviting you in, I offer you a glass of water and we begin to wander into the space where everything is set up.

I offer you privacy while you change into the provided sarong. I prefer all who serve me to wear the traditional island garb for comfort while in my presence. They keep me from having to see anyone nude, while allowing the sub unrestrictive wearing materials while we play. *The tenting also amuses me without bothering me with the visual reminder of how much I excite you! Hard-ons are acceptable, but honestly I prefer to not have to see them.

Whatever fantasy we will explore will be handled in this room. It is a very private and comfortable space. There is a vast array of equipment, toys and tools for our needs. Everything required for the type of scene we are approaching today is laid out perfectly organized. The selection has obviously taken me time to collect and you are impressed by how precisely I have put things together.

We go through the many laid out venues during our scheduled time together. You are taken on a ride similar to a rollercoaster - high one minute with drops before rising up again. You feel stronger and appreciated at the end of the time. You are tired, sore and happy. A sub's ultimate dream!

You email me when you get home. I check to see how you are holding up. We begin to plan the next session of fun and what avenues of exploration we want to travel down next. The fate's were right -- this is just what you needed and worth every once of time invested in the fun!

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