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12/3/2005 9:09 pm

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Back in the day

My girlfriend and I are more than sexually compatible and over the last couple of years, we have taken our fantasies to the next plateau and seeing if the reality lives up to the fantasy. In most cases it does. My girl was always bi-curious since before we met, and over the course of our relationship she has explored her curiosity to discover that she loves pussy!! Which is some coincidence, since I do too!! However, dating back to previous experiences I discovered that I love to see, hear, or even know my girl is getting fucked or pleasured. We have had several encounters with other couples, had 3somes FMF and MFM and there have been countless “fuckdates” where she gets fucked while I am somewhere (even work) and I call and listen on the phone (gotta love free mobile-to-mobile!). Now, of course I love to watch porn or see others having sex, but it takes on a whole different stimulation when it is my girlfriend or wife. This dates back many years.

I was married at a young age, to my first wife, Stephanie. Being right out of high school in the 80’s, we lived sort of a rock star lifestyle with drugs, alcohol, etc. Sex was a big part of that and there were regular sleepless nights where we would stay up fucking, masturbating, role playing, fantasizing. Of course, my fantasies were usually about fucking her hot friends!! She regularly would share a fantasy about having two guys fuck her and aside from me, she was very specific about who the other guy she desired was. His name was Mark, who was a longtime friend of mine although that wasn’t how she knew him. Rather it was during a time when we had broken up in high school and she was dating another guy, who happened to be friends with Mark. At that time, Steph knew that I knew mark but he didn’t know who she was in relation to me. At any rate, this was a regular fantasy she shared with me and it was “pillow talk”.

Just prior to Stephanie’s 21st birthday, I called Mark, whom I had not talked to in quite some time. Of course he was happy to hear from an old friend. I suggested we go hang out, maybe get some beers and that I could pretty much guarantee that we can get laid. Mark’s response was, “Ok, call the girls and set it up and then call me back and tell me what is going on.” I called Steph.

“Hey Stephanie, do you wanna go out tonight?”
“Do you want to go out with Mark?”
“Do you know what I am talking about?”
“Yes, I think I do.”
“Are you sure?”

I was already hard at the prospect of what I was setting up. I called Mark back and he asked if I talked to some chicks. I said, “Well sorta. I talked to Stephanie.” He verified, “Aren’t you and Stephanie married now?” “Yes we are, but dude, she really wants to fuck you and her birthday is cumming up and I thought it’d be cool.” Mark just kind of went along with it, thinking I was just bullshitting and we set it up for me to go pick her up and then meet him, get some beers and go in one car.

I picked Stephanie up and she was dressed to kill (or fuck rather), wearing a short skirt, and a cute button down blouse showing some cleavage. We went and met Mark and all got in the front seat of his car to drive to the orange groves to go party. I leaned over to Steph, who was in the middle and kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “You want his cock?” She responded with a nod and then reached over and put her hand on his thigh briefly.

We went to a clearing in the orange groves and parked. I could tell that Mark still wasn’t real sure about what we had talked about earlier, so I decided that I needed to go take a leak and walked away, leaving them in the car for a few moments. I didn’t really go take a leak instead I walked away then circled back around the car. The windows were open, so I stood sort of in what would be the driver’s side blind spot and listened to them talk. As soon as I had left, Stephanie was rather bold aggressive with him, leaning over to him and kissing him with her hand rubbing his cock through his pants. They chatted a little bit about when they had met before and she rather boldly told him, “I so wanted to fuck you back then.” “Really?” he replied, a little nervously not knowing where I was. She pulled his cock from his pants and matter-of-factly told him, “Oh Gawd your dick is big!!” I was rather turned on by this banter and then a cars light came upon the clearing as another car was coming up there. It was actually someone we knew, so we all gathered between the cars and drank and smoked a joint. Stephanie sat on the hood of Mark’s car; with her legs spread just enough for everyone to see her white lace panties covering her already soaked pussy. We needed some privacy.

Steph, Mark and I went to a new housing development, where the houses were built, but there was no carpeting, etc. in them. We entered a two-story house and Stephanie and Mark went upstairs ahead of me. I slowly walked up the stairs and sat at the top where they were both standing in the middle of the room at the top. She was hanging on him with her hands around his neck kissing him and then she dropped to her knees, pulled down his pants and started licking and stroking his thick cock. She eagerly began to suck the shaft, taking as much of his long tool in her mouth. He placed his hands on her shoulders and tilted his head back in enjoyment. My hand roamed to my hard cock as well. She paused and looked up at him and he motioned her to follow him to one of the bedrooms. I decided to give them a head start and quickly after that I saw what appeared to be the beam of a flashlight outside the house. It was probably a security guard. I went over to the room and saw Steph’s panties left at the entrance to the open doorway. She was leaning over holding on to the windowsill with her skirt pulled up as Mark was rubbing her wetness from behind. Then they both saw the light outside too. They hurriedly got dressed and we all scurried out of the house. Steph and I went one way and mark another. She and I had a moment alone and she confessed, “I want to fuck him sooooo bad!!” “Well, that just may happen,” I assured her. We met Mark back at the car. Damn, foiled again.

We then drove back to the orange groves, going down a dirt road in the middle of the grove and parked right by an old shack. I could still tell Mark was nervous and unsure, so I pulled him aside and said, ‘Are you ready to give Stephanie her birthday present?” He nodded in agreement and we all got in the front seat. I started kissing Stephanie’s lips and placed my hand under her blouse. Without hesitation, she removed her blouse, exposing her perky tits and rock hard nipples. Mark and I each took one of her breasts in our mouth and I slid my hand down to her crotch. OMG, I had never felt such a wet pussy, she was practically dripping! She hiked up her skirt and I went down to the floorboard and started sucking on her clit sopping up her juices with my tongue. She spread her legs wide and bent her knees, giving me all her pussy while she continued to have Marks attention on her tits. She withdrew his fat swollen cock and stroked him thoroughly until he was fully erect. I got out of the car and she turned her body to lay along the front seat with one leg on top of the seat and her head near the doorway. Just prior to her grabbing my stiff dick, Mark got on top of her and slowly slid inside her glazed twat. As he entered her, her head cocked back and she gasped, “Oh gawwwddd!” As he pumped her pussy, my cock got so hard in her mouth; it felt like it was going to tear my skin. Stephanie was moaning with sheer pleasure and the entirety of the scene, the eroticism of it all made me want to fuck her even more than ever. I suggested to Mark that we switch places but I think he did not understand, but it sounded like a car was coming down the road, so we paused for a moment. I suggested we go over to the shack to see if that offered a roomier, more private setting.

We walked to the empty building and there were three steps that went down into it. Stephanie got on all fours with her hands on the top stoop and her knees on the bottom step. I got behind her and started to pound her doggy style. Mark pulled his meat out for her eager mouth and she started to slurp every inch of his cock. I pounded her harder, pulling on her long hair like reins. As I thrust inside her, it forced her head forward engulfing more of his shaft. I said to Mark, “Let’s switch.” He hesitantly took his cock from her mouth, interrupting the great blowjob that almost had him shooting his load already. I got on my knees in front of her as Mark teased her slit with his fat head. She spread a little wider in anticipation of taking his tool. Again she gasped as his width entered her. He started to move faster inside her, grabbing her hips tightly. I don’t know if it was the way she was sucking me or just watching her pleasurably getting pounded that had me close to cumming, but I had to pause and watch. He fucked her harder, but was still holding back, I could tell. “Fuck her harder Mark. Harder!” I averred. “Tell him what you want, Stephanie” I told her. Through groans, she screamed, “Fuck me, Mark…fuck me hard.” And then to me she said, “It is soo good! I love it!” Mark started hammering her, sliding every bit of his cock to the base inside her. He grabbed her ass as he started to convulse and his thrusts became intermittent. She moaned to the rhythm of his hard squirts of cum inside her. After Mark spent his load, he got up and walked away to get a cigarette. Although, Stephanie was worn out, she lay on her back and invited me to get on top of her. I willingly obliged. She whispered to me that she didn’t know if she could take any more. I asked her if she liked that and she could only muster the strength to nod her head. I fucked her for about 2 minutes while still replaying the scene of what I just witnessed and could hold back no longer before I shot a hot thick stream of cum inside her already jizz filled pussy. I collapsed on top of her and told her, “I love you.” And that was the close of what was the first and only 3some we ever had.

So that is what kicked it off many many years ago. The stimulation has taking on a whole new meaning with my current girlfriend, as we share an open mindedness and welcome new and exciting experiences. The key with me being able to remain secure in my relationship, comes from our attitude about sex with others: It is just sex! It is being able to separate sex and emotion. Sex can be great without love and we explore that, but what makes the sex we have better than any other is the love. It is the time after a fuckdate or an erotic experience that is the real fun….sharing it, reliving it, talking about it, etc.

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