Reality Check  

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8/20/2006 4:22 pm

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Reality Check

I am reminded of the student whose teacher was a stone. What did he learn? Not to ask questions. (Ancient Indian proverb.)

Not necessarily true. Patience and perseverience was also learned. Life is not always easy. It confronts us with situations that seem insurmountable. It is not important what the outcome of these situations are but how the resolution comes about. In any case the resolution strengthens us. There are three srategies we can use to resolve these situations. You can resolve it by yourself or ask friends for assistance. This type of resolution strengthens our will and confidence to handle other similar situations. The third strategy is to call on a force outside of ourselves for assistance. This will result in an increase in spiritual strength and power. It also alters our perception of the world around us and forces us to think outside of ourselves and puts the situation into a larger perspective. In any case the resolution takes time. We must be patient and persevere all the trials the situations throw at us.

I have been told by ministers, seminary students and coworkers alike that nothing seems to phase me. The above reasons are why. This is why I chose the eagle as the animal I am most like. Because of its strength and fortitude the eagle can fly higher , longer and faster than the other birds of prey. Its eyesight is legendary. According to the native americans, the eagle is the messenger to god for these same reasons. I use the lessons I have learned over the years to effect change and confidence in my actions. Such is the spirit of the eagle.

Reality then is a matter of perspective based on the experiences and resolutions of the individuals life situations. It is also a matter of how a person uses these life experiences to alter or change your perceptions on how life is testing you. Whether you are the eagle or a dog, snake, fox or rabbit it make no difference, you react to lifes challenges according to your past experiences. All are valid.

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8/20/2006 6:19 pm

Good advice!

Purry {=}


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