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4/6/2006 11:37 pm

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I turned 50 at the end of my 2nd marriage. I found phone sex, and was totally awed by the variations of female sexuality. The sounds that different women made in their orgasms blew me away and hooked me. You know, at the end of a marriage just knowing that someone else is getting-off on the sound of your voice and your ideas is a real turn-on. Of course I got off too. I'm sure there are others like me, but I had no idea how badly women wanted it. It was totally exciting. Then there was the whole idea if anonomous sex - sex with a stranger or many strangers, one after the other.

Then came 51. I started running out of money for the chat lines. I did meet a with few ladies and wild times were had with sight-unseen-partners. They gave me great reviews. Most of them didn't meet their descriptions (it was almost like a Woody Allen movie). As far as the sex went, though, it really didn't matter. It was always hot. This was quite an eye-opener for me also. I awoke to the energy aspect.

My whole dance with marriage started in my 30's. Now single again, 20 years later its hard to admit that most of the ladies in my genra are 20 years older too. Most of the ladies my age are much bigger too (well, most guys are too, and I'm a little bigger too). It's odd because I feel like 30's still looking for 20's and 30's.

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