bored with western colorado  

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9/25/2005 7:13 am
bored with western colorado

Well in the past week, I have been zooming around in the blogs section's as well as the Western Slope rooms. Scoping just what does our little group do over here?

You know the one thing I have found about the western slope group, Whiners, complainers all talkers. (There are a few of us and you all know who you are that have actually came to a meet and greet that we were at. To those, that know how to schedule and are not part of the "whiner, complainer, all talk" group, this does not apply to you.)

Why is it, we get to repeatedly hear of all the complaints? I don't see you terminal whiners, posting on here, or posting on the western colorado groups? All you do is go into the main chat room and complain and whine? Why is that? Why don't you whiners, zoom around in the blogs or in the western colorado groups, and get to know some of us. Or better yet, read a profile before you talk to someone. You may not be compaitable with the cute picture that you are wanting to meet.

So western slopers, get your lazy butts off of the whine button and onto the blogs or the western slope groups and see just what really is going on!

Give us safe fun ones a chance, put your whine button away, and start looking at profiles, zooming around in the bolgs and the local groups and start meeting us

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